Jaime King Poses Makeup Free Because An All Natural Thanksgiving Is The Best — PHOTO

This mom of two loves spending quality time with her family, and whether they’re all dressed up or just relaxing in pjs, they always look amazing together. Jaime King posed makeup free with her family on Thanksgiving, and it made for one heck of a good looking photo. I couldn’t think of a better way for them to have spent the day — because the family who fabulously poses together, stays together, after all.

King’s husband and son join her in the photo, and each of them are striking some majorly cute poses. King’s stunning with or without makeup, her son is, of course, adorable and her husband is a natural in front of the camera — so, let’s just say that I could stare at this photo all day. This isn’t the first time that King has given us a glimpse into her life via Instagram, and she’s no stranger to posing makeup free, either. She’s constantly sharing her real self and real moments from her life, and that’s probably why I love her so.

Check out her family’s Thanksgiving picture as well as seven times she’s gone makeup free on the social media platform. Prepare to fall in love with this lady and her beautiful family (as if you weren’t already).

1. Pet Time

Because your pet will never judge you.

2. Morning Selfie

No makeup, no filter and looking amazing.

3. Lots Of Sunshine

All natural setting, all natural beauty.

4. Posing

No makeup and hanging with friends is just what a girl needs.

5. Manicures Matter

Manicures are the best pick-me-ups. Even better than makeup and getting dressed.

6. Role Reversal

Because sometimes the boys wear the makeup.

7. Bed Head

You just gotta embrace the bed head, you know?

No makeup days are the best days, especially when you're surrounded by the people who love you most.

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