How To Fold A Fitted Sheet, Because You've Probably Been Doing It Wrong Your Entire Life — VIDEO

Some things will just make you feel like a real adult (whether that's a good thing or a bad one is up to you). If you're ready to put another household milestone under your belt, here's how to fold a fitted sheet, because you've probably been doing it wrong your entire life. This domestic whiz, via i100, breaks down the process into a few easy-to-follow steps. None of them involves balling up the fitted sheet and throwing it into the back of your closet for a few weeks, though.

Since actually folding the darn thing properly doesn't take very long, you'd might as well do it. After all, the whole point of the fitted sheet is to make life better and easier, but if yours is chronically crumpled and wrinkled then you haven't really improved things as compared to using a flat sheet on the bottom, have you? If the overworked clerks of wash and fold laundromats can do this standing up and in their sleep, then so can you. So suck it up and follow these four easy steps to fitted sheet storage perfection. For even more real adult points, maybe start changing your sheets more than once a month while you're at it!

1. Wear the pockets like mittens

The fitted sheet here is folded just once lengthwise (hotdog, not hamburger). The fold is at the bottom and you stick your hands into each two-ply pocket like it's a mitten.

2. Tip one side over the other

Now you're going to fold the sheet again, but there's a secret. You have to stuff one side of the doubled up corners into the other side, tipping one side over the other so the outer one goes inside out while you push the inner layer into it. This is a little easier done than said — here, our sheet pro is getting ready to turn the corners in her left hand over the corners in her right.

3. Smooth it all down

Putting the whole thing down on a flat surface will keep your careful work from coming apart here. It's much harder to keep the part of the sheet that's turned inside itself from falling out when you've got the whole thing hanging in your arms. If it's flat, you can smooth the elastic portions neatly.

4. Fold as usual

From here, it's a piece of cake to give your fitted sheet a simple trifold. Boom, done.

Image: vadymvdrobot/Fotolia, Youtube(4)