11 Jaclyn Hill Tutorials Perfect For The Holidays

With the holidays approaching fast, there's no better way to get ready than with some fabulous new makeup ideas. Jaclyn Hill's holiday makeup tutorials are absolutely perfect for trying something new, and they never go out of style. From a bold red lip to a subtle but glittery eye, Hill demonstrates flawless holiday makeup transformations that are great for every cold-weather occasion.

Beauty tutorials are pure magic, and this pro has some of the best. I have no idea who first came up with the idea to make videos like this, which help to show all the makeup-challenged out there how to create the perfect look, but it's definitely something to be thankful for. Hill knows exactly what products work best together, which brushes to use, and how to blend, and she's more than willing to share all her beauty secrets on her YouTube channel. Think of these videos as her holiday gift to all her followers.

Hill shows subscribers how to perfect everything from a smokey eye to a rosey cheek, and has a holiday tutorial for pretty much every event that you can imagine. Go ice skating with a warm winter eye or head to a New Years party with some edgy color. There really is no reason not to embrace every single one of her tutorials throughout the holiday season.

Hill is an expert in fun colors, glitter, and even subtle hues. Honestly, she can do it all. So no matter how dressed up or dressed down you're looking to get, this beauty expert has a tutorial for you!

1. Affordable Colors

Using only drug store products, Hill creates a gorgeous smokey eye and a black cherry lip. The look is perfect for a holiday party or even just a date night.

2. Soft Glam Glitter

This tutorial is great if you're looking for great tips on how to use eye glitter. She's tried a bunch of products and knows just how to add some subtle sparkle.

3. Merry & Bright

I know this makeup look was for Thanksgiving, but it's too perfect not to keep in a holiday round-up. A colored smokey eye is fun and sophisticated.

4. Classic Red Lip

A bold red lip in a classic holiday staple or, as Hill calls it, the little black dress of makeup. Dewy skin, soft liner, and a bright lip is too good not to add to your holiday beauty recipe book.

5. Over-The-Top Hues

This beauty tutorial is all about the blending. It looks a little bit intimidating, but Hill makes it super easy to recreate.

6. Warm Winter Tones

Although she filmed this one a while ago, warm colors never go out of style. There's something so fabulous about staying natural while adding some glamour at the same time.

7. Holiday Minimalist

Because glitter liner really is the perfect holiday staple. This one's super easy and all about the sparkle.

8. Bold Cat-Eye

Hill shows that a pink lip can be just as festive as a the classic red in this glam holiday tutorial.

9. Winter Wonderland

This video is from forever ago, but the frosty blue color is still perfect for winter. If you're looking to make a statement, this one is for you.

10. Pop Of Purple

The master of makeup combines color with glitter for a strikingly edgy look.

11. Fall To Winter Color

These colors might seem super heavy, but she uses white liner to brighten everything up.

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Images: Jaclyn Hill/YouTube