9 Festive Underwear Pieces For The Holiday Season

Everyone’s talking about holiday dresses that you should wear, but what about what goes underneath those dresses? Festive holiday underwear can be just as fun as anything else you’ll wear this season. Your pjs are cozy and adorable, your Christmas dress is perfectly festive, so why not carry the theme throughout to your undergarments, as well? Besides, it’ll be fun knowing that there’s a really cute penguin print underneath that baggy sweater of yours, don’t you think?

From reds and greens to fun prints and plenty of shimmer, holiday themed underwear are the only things you’ll want to wear, especially now that the countdown to Christmas is officially on. And while I did mention that it’s fun to wear these underneath your holiday attire — it’s also fun to wear them by themselves, because no pants is greater than pants.

Whether you flaunt these solo or just to complete your attire, shop these bras, bralettes and undies for all of the festive feels. These aren’t weird and Santa themed or anything like that. They’re perfectly cute, and they’ll make the best stocking stuffers. So, rack up on these goodies, ASAP. You’ve got the perfect excuse — ‘Tis the season, after all.

1. #Elfie

Lace Trim Thong Panty, $10, Victoria's Secret

Be the cutest little Christmas elf you know with these undies.

2. Sexy Snowflakes

Snowflake Print Cheeky Panty, $12, Torrid

With red lace trim, snowflakes have never been so sexy.

3. Lacy Red Bra

Lace and Ribbon Vixen Balconet Bra, $10, Addition Elle

Presents don't have to be the only things wrapped in ribbons, you know?

4. Penguin Panties

Penguin Bikini Panty, $6, Forever 21

Have you ever seen anything so cute?

5. So Much Satin

Satin Triangle Bra, $29, Urban Outfitters

This soft fabric and red color make this bra a must-have for the season.

6. Sparkle Panties

Aerie Boybrief, $7.50, Aerie

Sparkle is just the kind of thing you need a lot of during the holidays.

7. Festive Fun Pack

Plus Size Holiday Underwear Pack, $30, Woman Within

Why not buy all of the holiday fun in bulk?

8. Metallic Bra

Metallic Bra, $29, Urban Outfitters

New Year's Eve just got even better.

9. Burgundy Beauty

Flawless T-Ser Bra, $55, Addition Elle

Because off-red is just as great for this time of year.

Here's to wearing nothing but your underwear all winter long! OK, you can get dressed — if you must!

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