These Are Weirdest Places People Had Solo Sex

Why do some people masturbate in weird places? For starters, the thrill of getting caught while pleasuring yourself can make your orgasm even more intense. Masturbating out in the open may also help you clear your mind – especially if you're getting off at the office or doing it right before class. Plus, it makes a long car trip or plane ride much more bearable. There's a certain kind of freedom in doing it whenever the mood strikes.

There are plenty of pros to masturbating in strange places. But, before you get down with your bad self out in broad daylight, you might want to consider the consequences. Some states have pretty strict laws against public masturbation, including jail time.

You should probably steer clear of operating a vehicle while you're going to town, too. One woman allegedly caused a car accident while pleasuring herself with a vibrator out on the open road. Don't masturbate and drive, folks. It's just not safe.

Regardless of the risks, plenty of men and women admit to rubbing one out right out in the open. From gas station bathrooms to chapels, these are the 10 weirdest places men and women have ever masturbated.

1. Osito, 27

"I do it on long flights. To Europe, to South Africa, to Japan. You can only handle so many in flight movies and no internet."

2. Lisa, 25

"I've masturbated at my box office job while the door was unlocked. I was sitting directly in front of the window, which is fairly large. People down the street could see."

3. Don, 26

"When I was 15 I did it in a Stop and Shop parking lot, facing a post office in broad daylight while waiting for my mom to come out of the store."

4. Lily, 24

"I did it in my Catholic high school's empty chapel. I had snuck down to my den to watch MTV's Undressed the night before (don't judge me) and I couldn't get some of those scenes out of my mind."

5. Al, 30

"I got off in a gas station bathroom in Long Island City. I was waiting for a few girls to get back to me but I was so horny that I pulled up some porn on my phone and took care of the situation."

6. Nicole, 27

"There was one lone private bathroom at my old office, where you could lock the door and have it all to yourself. Not many people ever knew about it or even used it since there was a full bathroom with 12 or so stalls that was much closer. I'd get myself off in there all the time."

7. Hal, 36

"I was 15 and got my hands on a nudie mag. I was masturbating to just about anything at that time, so to have something like that, I basically couldn't contain myself. I took it into the bathroom at the movie theater I worked at and that was that."

8. Samantha, 28

"I always masturbate when I'm in a tanning bed. It's so warm in there and it makes me so horny."

9. Gray, 40

"I had a paper route when I was a teen, and on Thursday nights I collected payment from my customers. One night, in the middle of winter, I collected from a lovely [woman] on my route whose house was in a cul-de-sac. The snowplows had piled up a mountain of snow in the middle of the circle, and inspired by seeing this woman, I played with myself alongside the snow mountain. When a car came by I simply maneuvered to another side of the snow pile, warned by the distant headlights."

10. Kara, 23

"I did it during my college English class. My professor was dreamy, and the classroom was big enough that I could hide in the back and keep my jacket over my lap."

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