14 Olicity Moments From Season 4 That Slayed You

by Caitlyn Callegari

After hearing endlessly about all of this “Olicity" nonsense on the interwebs, I decided to do an early summer marathon watch of Arrow. A week and a half and three seasons later (I'm nothing if not thorough), I quickly realized that concerning Olicity, nothing was nonsense. In fact, Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak’s relationship was pretty much the most sensical thing about the show. Since then, I’ve been straight cruising on a steady sea of Arrow Season 4 Olicity perfection. And, unlike poor Oliver, no one’s sabotaged and capsized my well-polished yacht of relationship contentment just yet.

What I’m trying to say here is, aside from the whole mortal danger for each character every episode coupled with the whole grave thing *shakes fist*, Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak are the real culprits behind my heart palpitations. It’s unfair, but the showrunners, as well as both Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards, have clearly made it their sadistic mission to to kill the Arrow audience slowly and painfully. Because honestly, we can only take so much.

In no particular order (ranking Olicity's interactions is impossible when they're all perfect in a multitude of ways), here are the 14 times thus far in Season 4 that I nearly phoned 911 for help breathing:

1. Um, Yeah, That Kiss...

Like, excuse me?

2. ...Which Led To These Shenanigans

In the immortal words of Full House's Donna Jo Tanner, "Whoa, baby."

3. When Oliver Packed Felicity Lunch

You know this is definitely a reoccurring thing, right? Except on Wednesdays he takes her out to get Italian. Don't ask me how I know. I just do.

4. When They Breached The Subject Of Potential Olicity Children (Kind Of)

I mean, "more mimosas" definitely doesn't mean "no." OK, fine. It definitely doesn't mean,"yes" either, but that's not important.

5. When Oliver Grinned Like An Idiot Upon Seeing Her

Even though he just finished running and running is the worst.

6. When They Got All Vulnerable And Deep Talking About The Ghosts Of Arrow Past

*Whispers* Look at their hands. It's cool. You're cool. I'm cool. It's fine.

7. *Can't Form Words* THIS

*More unintelligible squealing*

8. When They Had The Audacity To Look Like This, Together

In public! Come on.

9. When Felicity Surprised Him With His Super Shmancy New Green Arrow Suit

Is it just me or were you all in your feels about Felicity knowing his exact measurements?

10. When They Pillow Talked Us Out Of The Universe

Oh, man. Too much.

11. When Felicity Fixed Oliver's Boo Boos, Even Though She Was Mad At Him

Fixing up someone's cuts when you'd like to inflict them yourself? That's unconditional love, y'all.

12. When Oliver Comforted A Grumpy Felicity Because He Knew She Needed It

He did invite her mother to Star City without asking her, after all.

13. When They Had The Best Fight This Stunt-Loving Show Has Ever Seen

Because after hashing it out, it ended like this. No arrow-shooting, building-scaling, or glass-breaking required.

14. When Oliver Queen Almost Asked Felicity Smoak To Be His Wife

Was not a dessert person previous to this... I am now.

*Scribbles in notebook* Olicity 4Evr <3

Images: The CW; vibrantgifs/Tumblr (2); the-scientist-and-the-arrow/Tumblr (4); yet-i-remain-quiet/Tumblr (5); oliverfelicitygifs/Tumblr (5); whoeveryoulovethemost/Tumblr (1); queensarrow/Tumblr (1); fssmoak/Tumblr (2)