'Teen Titans Go!' Episode "Second Christmas" Is The Only Christmas Special You Need This Holiday

If you love Teen Titans and you love parodies, then you probably love Teen Titans Go! But if you love the Teen Titans and you love Christmas, then "Second Christmas" is probably your favorite episode of the entire series. In it, the Teen Titans celebrate Christmas not just once but twice — mostly because they lied to Starfire, who is ignorant of Earth customs, and told her that celebrating Second Christmas will cause Second Santa to come and give them a Christmas miracle. Suffice it to say, that's not a thing, and Starfire was not pleased to find out that it wasn't a thing. But more so than being another hilarious and silly adventures with the mini versions of the Teen Titans, "Second Christmas" is the perfect Christmas special for all ages to enjoy, because it's got a little bit of everything mixed in with all the fun.

It's got the magic of Christmas, the spirit of family and togetherness, and all of the holiday shenanigans that everyone loves to get into around this time of year. The only thing that was missing was the crazed journey to find the perfect gift for the special people in your lives, but, even without that, "Second Christmas" is still the greatest thrill ride from start to finish. If you want to ring in the holidays right, then you'll join me on this walkthrough of this amazing episode.

1. The Bird Outside The Tower In The Opening Shot

In case you didn't know it was cold, it's wearing a scarf. In case you didn't know it was Christmas, it's wearing a Santa hat.

2. The Decorated Living Room

This is what I wish my house looked like during the holidays, but really we just decorate the tree and then call it a day.

3. The Way They All Decorated The Tree

There's a decoration for every member of the Titans, which just proves what an adorable family they are.

4. Robin's Alarm Clock

BATMAN IN A SANTA HAT, OH MY GOD. And that photo in the background? My feels.

5. How They All Get Up To Open Presents

Seriously, this is what happens at my house every year.

6. The Ugly Christmas Sweaters

And by ugly, I mean ugly-cute.

7. When They Run Outside To Play

No one is wearing a coat, but I guess you don't need a coat when you're a superhero.

8. The Angels Making Snow Angels

I think Raven's angel came out the best.

9. The Boys Starting A Snowball Fight

No prisoners. No mercy. No winners.

10. The Next Morning

The sad, melted snowman literally summarizes all of my feels right now. Though, not as well as...

11. Beast Boy Being Every Child Ever

Throwing out the Christmas tree is like throwing out joy.

12. Beast Boy Makes Up Second Christmas

I'm not saying we should all lie to our loved ones who don't know about Christmas like this, but I mean. Second Christmas, guys.

13. And The Titans Celebrate A Brand New Holiday

Well, almost all the Titans.

14. Because Robin Is Not Having It

You know how he feels about Starfire. And, like, Christmas is over now, guys. (Basically, leave it to Robin to be the Grinch and tell Starfire the truth.)

15. Starfire Isn't Happy To Hear The Truth

Not happy at all.

16. Then The Titans Wake Up In The Hospital

Um. Like... everyone does... on the holidays... (Or like everyone does when they plugged in so many Christmas lights so often that the Titan Tower generator overheats and explodes.)

17. But It's OK Because They Realize It's Almost Christmas Again

Being in a coma for just long enough to make it Christmas again turns out to be their Christmas miracle. And if you don't get the warm fuzzies from that, then you have no soul. Or maybe you're just a Grinch like Robin.

So, if you watch any Christmas special this year, make sure to fit "Second Christmas" in between It's A Wonderful Life and Jingle All The Way. You won't regret it.

Image: Warner Bros. Animation (18)