Amazing Indie Beauty Stocking Stuffers Under $10

When you need to get presents for friends, family, coworkers, and more, the cost of the holidays can add up fast. If you're on a budget, but still want to wow those you love with amazing presents, don't miss the best indie makeup stocking stuffers under $10. Every single one of these is handpicked by yours truly, and I can promise from experience testing them out that you will love each one. Heck, you might dig them so much you have to order more of each!

Whether your friends are into serious sparkle or subtle neutrals, there's plenty of budget-friendly makeup options to please them all. The products I'm featuring below are designed to work on all skin tones, so all your pals will enjoy whichever product they end up with.

You'll also notice all of the products below are from indie retailers. I've always had incredibly positive experience with smaller beauty brands, and find their products are often more affordable than big brand name alternatives. Plus, you get the added bonus of giving everyone a totally unique gift. Saving money, supporting small and local retailers, and wowing friends? Yes please!

Scroll on to swoon for all the dreamy makeup stocking stuffers below.

1. Hibiscus Lip Stain

Hibiscus Lip Stain, $10, TheHippyHomemaker

Vegan, eco-friendly, and featuring organic hibiscus extract, this refreshingly bright lip stain lasts for hours.

2. Cream Blush

Cream Blush, $9, QiQi Naturals

These tubs of cream blush feature coconut oil, raw cocoa butter, and Australian pink clay for an all-natural glow.

3. Rose Body Shimmer

Rose Body Shimmer, $8, Good4You

The perfect pop of sparkle wherever you want it!

4. Rum And Coke Lip Balm

Rum And Coke Lip Balm, $2.40, BluePoppyBath

Who needs shot when your lip balm is a tasty cocktail?

5. Glitter Makeup Gel

Glitter Makeup Gel, $5.94, Addictive Cosmetics

This is so easy to swipe on eyelids for that special New Years sparkle.

6. Hey Girl Mirror

Ryan Gosling Mirror, $4.75, MayoBass

"Hey girl, you know your friend needs this cute little makeup mirror in her life."

7. Organic Lavender Mascara

Organic Lavender Mascara, $8, DeLaRoux

This conditioning mascara will be the new favorite of your hippie pals. It's made with 100 percent organic and fair trade ingredients!

8. Earl Grey Lip Balm

Early Grey Lip Balm, $4.50, soap

For those of you who understand how blissful the smell of fresh Earl Grey tea is, this is the balm of your dreams.

9. Organic Peppermint Lip Balm And Scrub Set

Organic Peppermint Lip Balm And Scrub Set, $6.50, PureLivingOrganic

If your pal is struggling with chapped lips, slip this exfoliating and hydrating peppermint lip duo in her stocking. The combination of all natural exfoliants and moisturizers will heal her lips asap.

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Images: Courtesy of Brands