Korin Bukowski's Best Performances On 'The Voice'

Although they may not be liked by all, I must say, I have a special place in my heart for the quirky contestants that show up on The Voice. I love the ones who have a sound all their own and can turn some of my favorite tunes into new songs by altering the way it's usually sung. The Voice's Korin Bukowski fits that bill perfectly. She takes chances and risks it all when she debuts her songs each week, which could end up disastrous but never does, somehow. Every week, Korin has managed to turn out killer performances.

Since that first addition, she has continued to wow me with her ability to transform uniquely chosen songs. Thankfully, Gwen recognized this skill in her during her Blind Audition and has been nurturing her quirky side instead of stifling it. Korin even received a coveted Gwen Stefani makeover when she debuted edgy platinum blonde locks during the Top 12 performances episode. Her coach certainly sees some serious potential in her, and, with each passing week, I find myself continuously rooting for her too. Her performances just get better and better. Here are what I consider to be her most top-notch performances the season.

1. "Cecilia And The Satellite"

I may be biased, because I really love Andrew McMahon, but this was my favorite performance so far. My ears perked right up upon hearing the first few words and I fell instantly in love with Korin.

2. "Only Hope"

This performance was really beautiful. Something about her rendition of the song, coupled with the gorgeous backdrop of the Edison bulbs really made everything work well. Raise your hand if you transported back to 2002 when Shane West was a thing. Nostalgia city.

3. "Titanium"

During the Top 12 performances, Korin seemed to really step into her comfort zone. She nailed this song. It seemed like it was made for her to perform.

4. "You Get What You Give"

Even though this wasn't a solo performance, I thought that it needed to be included. In the sea of talent that is Team Gwen (including Gwen herself) Korin really stood out. Not an easy task. This was another song that she just seemed born to perform.

5. "Adia"

Korin's voice was absolutely breathtaking during this performance. She honestly has the most soothing sound when she hits those high notes, it will give you serious chills. Who would have thought of this song choice besides her? Genius. I can't wait to see what else she does this season.

Images: Tyler Golden/NBC