The Ladies Of 'The Originals' Call the Shots

During Tuesday night's winter premiere of winter premiere of The Originals , the ladies of the show took the reins. YES! I don't know if they were inspired by the Casket Girls Festival or what, but Davina, Cami, Rebekah, Hayley, and Sophie made some big moves. What these moves mean for Klaus, Marcel, and Elijah has yet to be determined. The witches want Davina, so that means everyone wants Davina. And Davina just wants to be Davina The Great and Powerful.

So, how did the episode play out?


While Davina and Joshua work to undo Cami's Klaus-inflicted compulsion, Davina senses a locator spell is being used. WAIT. What about Marcel's "witches can't do magic in the French Quarter" rule? Oh, right. He uses Davina to detect magic. And he does not have Davina. And the witches are using magic because they know Marcel does not have Davina. Oh, snap. The witches are coming for Davina.

Davina manages to reverse the compulsion. Yessssss, Davina! Cami is like, "You're being locator spell'd right now? LET'S BOOGIE." Davina and Cami leave Cami's apartment and go to the church.

Klaus kidnaps Timothy, Davina's crush. Klaus calls Joshua and is like, "Bring Davina here or else I'll kill Timothy." Joshua tries to play it cool and is like, "Nah, man. I'm in Turkey. Can't help you." Klaus does not buy what Joshua is selling.

While Davina and Cami are hanging out in the church, Joshua calls Cami to warn her about the Klaus/Timothy thing. But before they can start game planning, Davina notices that the witches are locator spell-ing her again. Aw, NUTS.

And BAM! Four witches show up at the church and start doing crazy witch stuff. One witch knocks Cami down. Davina screams, "NO!"(it's very scary/amazing) and then does some seriously AWESOME witch stuff. She knocks out the group of witches. YES, DAVIIIIIINA!!!! Davina is like "F this noise, I'm going to go kill Klaus now."

She meets up with Klaus, Marcel, and Elijah in the vampire courtyard. Timothy's stuck in the rafters. Davina is like, "Aw, hell no." She's got rage in her eyes and witchy power in her heart. She starts working over Klaus, Marcel, and Elijah. She doesn't kill them, but she really kicks their asses. The most gruesome move is when she makes Elijah choke on his own blood. The dudes wake up later and they're totally fine, but still. SO BRUTAL, DAVINA!

After Davina leaves the church, an unconscious Cami is woken up by Uncle Priest. She's like, "Thanks for keeping the truth about my hexed brother away from me," and Uncle Priest is like, "I just did it to protect you!" Cami is like, "DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT."

Cami finds Klaus in the middle of the street fair and is like, "I'M HERE, NOT GONE. Your compulsion can suck it. And I will expose you if you do anything to hurt Davina or Josh. LATER."


Rebekah is pissed off about Marcel and Klaus working together. So she gets buddy-buddy with Josh. Innnnteresting development.

Rebekah and Josh meet up with Davina in the vampire courtyard. Rebekah acts like she's going to kill Josh, but she doesn't. Classic Rebekah! She helps Timothy down from the rafters. Rebekah tells Davina that she didn't kill Joshua or Timothy because she wants to earn her trust. Rebekah believes Davina "holds all of the cards." I love this alliance. They leave the vampire courtyard and go down to the torture garden.

While they're in the torture garden, Timothy and Davina start gagging. What's wrong, friends? "Oh, nothing. Just drank some poisoned water, no big deal." Klaus compelled Timothy to make Davina drink the toxic water. Timothy went above and beyond and drank some of the water, too. Rebekah calls Klaus and is like, "Don't kill these kids, you asshat." Marcel and Elijah are like, "We didn't know you were poisoning kids, you asshat." Klaus is like, "Timothy drank it? Even though I didn't compel him? That overachiever. Well, Davina will be fine but Timothy is totally going to die."

Why is Davina fine? Because of a deal Marcel worked out with Sabine the witch. This ticks off Klaus. Davina lives. Timothy dies. Davina is absolutely devastated. Rebekah brings Davina back to Klaus, Marcel, and Elijah.

Rebekah visits Thierry down in the torture garden and tell him that she's sick of being oppressed. She's sick of Klaus's BS. She's sick of Elijah and Marcel letting Klaus get away with his BS. UH OH.


Sophie calls Hayley and asks for her help completing the Harvest. She says, "If we don't complete the Harvest, our access to magic will fade for good." Sophie tells Hayley that her family put the wolf curse on Hayley's bloodline. So I guess that means Hayley needs to help her. I don't know the rules of wolf curses. Sophie tells Hayley that a dead witch named Celeste (yes, that Celeste. Elijah's Celeste) is their ticket. Hayley goes through some old books in hopes to find information regarding Celeste.

Hayley finds Elijah trying to decipher Davina's sketches. He thinks they represent a premonition of something evil. As he's explaining all of this to Hayley, he arranges the drawings in a way that creates A PICTURE OF CELESTE'S FACE.

Davina's drawings spook Hayley. She calls Sophie, but Sophie doesn't hear the call because she's too busy DIGGING UP CELESTE'S GRAVE. AHHHHHHHHHH!

Image: Tina Rowden/The CW