This Artist Is Making Jewelry Inspired By Periods

If you're a believer in seeing the hidden beauty in everything, you're going to want to check this out. According to Broadly., an artist is turning period stains into jewelry. I promise you read that statement correctly. The grossest part about being a girl just got pretty-fied.

Of all the things to get inspired by, you'd probably say your monthly would be pretty gosh darn low on the list, but 22-year-old Lili Murphy-Johnson sees it a little different. The London-based artist created a collection of period-inspired jewelry to celebrate our monthly cycle. But why would she want to celebrate the pain, discomfort, and general yuckiness of that one week out of the month? "I wanted to create beautiful jewelry out of something that is conventionally seen by society to be shameful. Periods should be a normal thing to talk about, but so often we feel embarrassed. I wanted my collection to take on the quality of jewelry that I like, but using the qualities of that jewelry to show people that periods can be beautiful. People don't usually think they can be," Murphy-Johnson says. OK, when you put it that way, it actually sounds pretty cool. And maybe even necessary.

The collection features white panties hand-beaded with red crystals, a bracelet featuring tampon and sanitary towel charms, as well as bejeweled maxi pads.

It definitely seemed a little gross at first, but whether you actually want to wear the collection or not, it will hopefully spark some positive conversation and get rid of the taboo surrounding menstruation.

Female body shaming has gone far enough, and it's time we celebrate what it means to be a woman. Periods and all.

And TBH, these rings are insanely gorgeous. I would totally wear them.

"We need to be able to talk about periods more openly so that we don't have these problems. That's what I want to do with my jewelry. I want to create something that can be worn without shame or disgust," Murphy-Johnson said.

Tell 'em, girl.

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Image: Andrew Zaeh/Bustle