Rebecca's Overbearing Mom Comes To Town On 'CEG'

It was bound to happen. After weeks of avoiding her calls and cancelling plans, Rebecca's mother Naomi Bunch (Tovah Feldshuh) made her way to West Covina to spend Hanukkah with her daughter. She is every bit as exacting as you would expect, criticizing Rebecca's life choices and holding her to an impossibly high standard. The more we get to know Ms. Bunch, the more obvious Rebecca's motives for leaving New York become. Of course Rebecca needs constant validation — in her own words she has spent her entire life "bending over backwards to please someone who cannot be pleased." Nothing could ever be good enough, so eventually she stopped trying and ran. It alternates between funny and sad while totally nailing the overbearing mom guilt we've seen her try to avoid all season long.

Frustrated after her mother threw herself at one of her colleagues and didn't give her the family ring, Rebecca blow's up at her mother, calling her a horny unemployed divorcee and leaving her to Uber to the airport. They fight until her mother finally tells her that she loves her, but cares far more about her being a survivor than being happy. The best line of the night hands down: "Happy? What’s happy? That’s a term for stupid people." They hug and make up, after Rebecca promises to come home for Passover. Some progress, but not much.

In other non-mom related news: Greg takes Heather (Rebecca's neighbor with the cool-kid attitude) to a family dinner with his estranged family (his mother left his father when he was a kid). He eventually grows closer with his family, and he and Heather bond and end up kissing! I'm not sure how to feel about this. I want Greg to be happy, but isn't Heather a little...young? I guess we'll find out when the show comes back from the winter hiatus. Happy holidays everyone, Crazy Ex Girlfriend will be back to deal with the fallout in late January.

Images: Greg Gayne/The CW