Lupita Nyong'o Covers 'Rhapsody' With A Serious​ly​ Structured Bob – PHOTO

The bob is a classic hairstyle that comes in many iterations and is super versatile. Bobs can have bangs. They can be angled forward. They can be long, shaggy, and textured aka a "lob." For her Rhapsody cover, Lupita Nyong'o has a structured bob and it's an entirely new, fresh, and fun take on a classic cut that has stood the test of time.

In case you are unfamiliar, Rhapsody is the magazine of United Airlines. The Oscar winner and Star Wars actress covers the latest issue with a geometric, sharply shaped bob that frames her face, thanks to its severe center part.

Not everyone can make this look work. But Nyong'o, who showed off longer, curlier hair this summer, is so preternaturally gorgeous that she pulls this off with ease. I don't think there is a look out there that she can't do.

Nyong'o's overall cover look is rather simple, from a makeup standpoint. Her eyes are rimmed with dark liner, her flawless skin has a dewy finish, and her lips is glazed with a peachy lipstick. Other than that, all eyes are on her hair.

It's pretty much one of the most beautiful and boldest bobs I've ever seen. If you think bobs are basic or boring, well, Nyong'o just tore that perception to shreds.

As she notes in her caption, this is her first airline magazine cover and she made it unforgettable with her amazing coif.

But wait, that's not all! Nyong'o just nabbed her first Essence cover, for the January issue, which is out Dec. 4. She shared the cover image, where she looks all sorts of goddess-like. Because of course she does.

The gorgeous and glamorous star is wrapped in sparkly peach fabric, showing off shimmering skin and her toned shoulders. As with her Rhapsody cover, she didn't opt for statement makeup, instead keeping things minimal yet striking. For Essence, her hair is swept off her face, with height at the crown.

I don't know if I can pick a favorite here, since both covers are unique and spotlight her beauty in very different ways. Whatever the case, Nyong'o nabbed two "firsts" with her debut Rhapsody and Essence covers and she made sure that we will remember them both.

Clearly, Nyong'o is owning December. She has a huge movie on the horizon with Star Wars and the promotion machine is humming along gloriously.

Images: Lupita Nyong'o/Instagram (2)