Hillary For America Now Has Its Own Gift Guide

The holidays are right around the corner, and Hillary Clinton's campaign has the Hillz fans covered with an official gift guide, complete with a wide array of punchy campaign merchandise. Whether you like to showcase your political affiliation while drinking a glass of wine at your New Year's Eve get-together or recruit your dog into the constituency, the campaign website is the right place for your holiday needs. And when it comes to gifts, Clinton has proved that she is on top of her game. Earlier in the campaign, she mailed her 2014 memoir Hard Choices and a personalized letter to each Republican candidate in October as a gag gift.

I understand that you and your fellow Republican candidates for president were questioning my record of accomplishments at your last debate, so I thought you might enjoy reading my book, Hard Choices.

This time around, Clinton seems to be focusing on the millennials who use "yaaas" as part of their daily vocabulary. Considering Bernie Sanders' wide appeal to that population, Clinton's strategy for appealing to young Democrats who have yet to decide on a candidate is hardly surprising. That said, it's equally possible that her gift guide has no political motive. Maybe she just loves this time of the year!

Either way, here are the best items from the collection.

A Pantsuit T-Shirt

Who said tuxedo shirts are just for guys? Rock a festive red pantsuit shirt to show off your inner politician. You know it's there.

Loud and Proud T-Shirt

Hillary Clinton is clearly aware of millennial jargon. The word "yaaas" is plastered across her black and white portrait. I don't think any other word could have said it better.

Women's Rights T-Shirt

This t-shirt reads, "Women's rights are human rights." Enough said.

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Everyone needs an ugly Christmas sweater. This one, which mimics stitching, tucks Hillary's name into the design, along with an emblematic "H" in the middle. It's actually pretty subtle.


Every college student with a backpack knows that buttons are the best way to let people know what you do and don't stand for. Let 'em know.

Accessories For Your Dog

Hey, your dog has an opinion, too! Bestow a Hillary handkerchief and collar charm upon it and take a walk around the block with pride.

Wine, Cocktail, and Pint Glasses

The best one, by far. Hillary Clinton doesn't discriminate when it comes to craft beer, cocktails, or the occasional glass of wine. Regardless of which you prefer, there is a glass for you. Don't forget the handy keychain bottle opener...

And These Festive Combos...

Have yourselves a happy Hill-iday!

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