Sarah & Tammy's Future Looks Grim On 'Transparent'

After what's felt like a lifetime of waiting, Amazon Prime finally took pity on viewers by releasing the first episode of Transparent Season 2 for all to see. (Well, for all Prime subscribers to see, at least.) And boy does it feel good to be thrown back into the messy chaos that is the Pfefferman family. However, don't let the above image of newlywed bliss fool you — Sarah and Tammy's wedding may have looked stunning on the surface, but by the end of the season premiere, it became clear that this duo's happily ever after was not meant to be. In fact, based on how things currently stand, it may be safe to assume that Sarah and Tammy's relationship is over on Transparent . At least in a romantic sense.

Even before the ceremony began, it was clear that Sarah was not ready to commit to Tammy in such a big way. As she walked down the aisle, she envisioned everyone laughing at her and took more of an interest in watching a random airplane fly overhead than listening to Tammy's heartfelt wedding vows. (Not exactly the stuff fairytales are made of.) By the time the reception rolled around, Sarah had holed herself up in the ladies restroom, resenting her siblings for ever letting her marry Tammy in the first place. (You know, because Sarah is never responsible for her own actions.) And then, shortly afterwards, we see Sarah tell Tammy "I'm sorry. I can't." inside their hotel suite. But does this signify just the end of their marriage or their relationship as a whole?

Both characters have their own unique flaws, but I've always found them to be stronger together, which is why there's a big part of me that still wants to root for these two. The optimist in me thinks that maybe they simply took on too much, too soon and can work things out in a non-marital capacity. But then I remember the look of relief on Sarah's face when Raquel informed her that the marriage wasn't official yet (and could therefore still be called off) thanks to a few unstamped forms. The thought of being committed to Tammy in such a big way filled her with so much dread, I fear their relationship won't ever be able to bounce back to what it once was.

Sarah has a knack for pulling away from people, so unless Tammy finds a way to break that pattern, this romance may have reached the point of no return.

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