Amy & Tina Are Redefining What Sexy Means

With only two weeks to go until the highly-anticipated comedy, Sisters, takes on Star Wars: The Force Awakens in the box office, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are opening up about the friendship that everybody secretly (or not-so-secretly) wants in on: theirs. But, in their exclusive Instagram-based interview with Glamour magazine, Fey and Poehler discuss what it means to be "sexy" in Hollywood, and there's no holding back. By sharing the ins-and-outs of what really lies behind the curtain of what we call Hollywood, and how they really feel about being sexy once you're past the age of 40, they're making woman everywhere proud.

"Sexy is all relative," says Fey, "As an SNL writer I have seen people who are famously sexy, women famous for being beautiful, come in as hosts. The male writers would be so excited; then, a couple days in, they are over it." Because beauty only seems to last so long. But, why you ask? According to Fey, "If you know you have 0.000 shot at the person, your body kind of shuts down — and it’s more about who you actually relate to." And it seems like the 30 Rock star's BFF wants the walls that surround what's hot-or-not to be taken down just as much as she does.

"Wouldn’t it be amazing if you spent one day not mentioning how anybody looks, or how you look?"says Amy Poehler, "I think I tried it as an exercise one time. I was saying, 'Oh, she’s that really funny person.' Or, 'He’s that guy who has that great science mind,' so you don’t say, like, 'He’s the tall one,' 'She’s whatever.' And then, if you look in the mirror, you don’t say, 'How do I look?' It’s almost impossible." CHALLENGE. ACCEPTED.

And the best part? Even if most of what Hollywood defines as "sexy" might lean towards those celebrities that are deemed as "young," that doesn't mean that a woman's age should be responsible for her sexy-rank either. In fact, don't care about what other people think at all. Fey and Poehler certainly don't. "Of course women in their 40s can dress sexy," says Poehler, "And, you know, the term sexy is very subjective." Preach it, girls. "By the time you are in your forties, what you want to wear and what you think is sexy is not always, like, for another person," Fey chimes in, "It’s what makes you feel good."

With the fun, loving personalities like Fey and Poehler's, how could you not deem two ladies as sexy? Seriously, I think the entire SNL writer's room was probably obsessed... Or maybe that would just be me. No?

Either way, these Sisters stars have got the whole romance thing on lock. How? Well, basically, their whole entire friendship is "like a good marriage," according to Poehler. And I couldn't agree more. "My mom always says it’s very important to have people in your life who knew you when," she continues. "The older you get, the more you treasure that idea of someone knowing your family and where you came from, and being around during these times and these times. Tina and I, we don’t have any sisters. So we’ve rented them."

Awww! Breaking out the tissues now to wipe away those happy tears from my sexy crying face... Because sexy-ness is all in the perception of it. Let's not forget that.

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