GoldieBlox's Latest Ad Screams #GIRLPOWER

GoldieBlox is at it again, bringing the Internet an advertisement that will empower girls and inspire them to follow their dreams. In the latest video, the next generation of Youtube stars pay tribute to powerful females in 2015 by dressing up as their mini duplicates, acting out some of their biggest accomplishments, and holding up inspiring hashtags. That's right, there are little girls dressed up as Beyoncé, Amy Schumer, and more. The video is set to a rewritten version of Fifth Harmony's "Worth It," sung-by viral superstar Sophia Grace — who even makes a brief cameo at the end of the video. The "Fast Forward Girls" video also features guest appearances from some of its honorees, including Abby Wambach, Jen Welter, and Isis Anchalee.

Of course, this adorable video isn't the first time GoldieBlox has taken the Internet by storm. In 2013, the "Princess Machine" ad amassed over 3 million views in two days. The company followed that up in 2014 with another ad showing girls breaking the mold to start a revolution against female beauty standards. The latest ad once again challenges the limitations placed on girls and inspires them to push past barriers.

While the entire video will have you chanting #girlpower, I've compiled the stand-out moments that will leave you smiling.

1. RBG Celebrating The Legalization Of Gay Marriage

A strong supporter of gay rights, Ruth Bader Ginsburg stood out for her eloquent responses during the Supreme Court hearings on gay marriage. It's no wonder that she made the list, and why Jillian from Evantube proudly held up her #iLookLikeaJustice sign.

2. This Perfect Reenactment Of Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé

This moment is directly stolen from the "Feeling Myself" music video. Don't tell Bey, but I think these kids might just edge past her and Nicki for the most adorable best friend duo.

3. Viola Davis Showing Off Her Emmy

Viola Davis is an outstanding lead actress, but her mini-me may have taken the spotlight on this one.

4. Mini Jen Welter Pumping Up The Team

Welter was the first woman to hold a coaching position in the NFL, which makes her pretty impressive. But her video stand-in, Sam Gordon, is also pretty impressive due to her soccer and football training. It's no wonder watching her get you psyched up.

5. The Little Ode To Hillary

With Hillary Clinton currently in the running for President, it's no wonder girls want to be like her. Of course, it's also cool to see GoldieBlox promoting Hillary with the #iLookLikeaPresident sign.

6. The Ode to Amy Schumer's "Girl, You Don't Need Makeup" Skit

The hilarious spoof of One Direction's "That's What Makes You Beautiful" song had the Internet buzzing for days. So, it's no wonder this adorable reenactment makes you smile.

7. The World Champion Victory Dance

In 2015, Abby Wambach led the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team to be world champions before retiring as the world record holder for international goals scored (for both men and women, thank you). She definitely deserves a spot in the tribute, and having her duplicate dance in celebration only makes the moment better.

8. Mini-Misty Copeland Breaking It Down

The best part of the video by far is when Heaven King takes on the tutu and ballet studio with her killer dance moves. Needless to say I could see her as a Principal Ballerina one day.

Not only did the GoldieBlox advertisement give a year in review of powerful females, it also empowered girls to follow their dreams. What more can you want? Check out the video below.

Image: GoldieBlox/YouTube (9)