Toddler Is Soothed By The Majesty Of Adele's Voice

We've all had a powerful reaction to Adele, and this toddler being soothed by Adele is no exception. My reaction to Adele was more of a post-breakup, wine straight from the bottle, sobbing incident, but it was poignant nonetheless. That was "Someone Like You" era Adele. The toddler in the following video is having the exact opposite reaction, pausing his crying tantrum to bask in the glory of Adele's soaring vocals. Parents of petulant children, you heard it here first: Adele is all you need to turn a screaming child into a quiet, awestricken one.

The toddler in this case is Roman, adorable son of Samantha Comte. Samantha posted a video of her child crying ferociously, only to be calmed when she put a smart phone screen in his hands, featuring Adele singing her latest hit, "Hello". The video of Roman is titled simply, "Thanks Adele!" and leads me to believe Super Nanny should start an Adele franchise. The video is captioned "Roman was having a bad day and there was only one solution," which, to the resourceful mum, meant silencing him with Adele's formidable vocals. The transformation it truly magical, and it must be nice for Samantha to know she has Adele in the back pocket when Roman misbehaves.

Watch the entire toddler taming unfold below:

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