Pat McGrath Is Releasing Phantom 002, But We Don't Know Much Yet

If you weren't fast enough to get your mitts on the sold-out Gold 001, start your engines, because it appears Pat McGrath is releasing a new product. McGrath, despite being internationally renowned for her artistry, only recently decided to release her own makeup line — beginning with one single product, Gold 001. And it sold out within hours. Now McGrath is teasing makeup aficionados with a series of clips posted to her Instagram account under the hashtag #Phantom002, and I've got to applaud McGrath's team for drumming up excitement for this product without spilling the beans, because when I watch the clips I'm left feeling that I need to buy this product even though I have no idea what it is.

The three clips that are on Instagram are better seen than described, but I've had three cups of coffee today so I'm up for the challenge. The clips, which are all edited shots of the same footage, feature an oily multicolored liquid draining away on a black background, and when viewed together read "#Phantom002 is coming..." To me it appears that the liquid is encased in a cell phone case, but I don't know of any cell phone cases that come with a drain plug attached. Check out the clips below, and let me know if I'm seeing cell phone case where I should be seeing something profound so I don't embarrass myself on the internet.

(See? It's totally a weird phone case.)

Those colors, though.

Oh my gosh I want to buy this mystery stuff so bad.

While there's currently very little information available about Phantom 002, perhaps looking back at Gold 001 will yield some clues. Released in October, Gold 001 is a loose golden pigment that can be used many different ways. In the spirit of inventiveness, directions on McGrath's website encourage users to "Dig in and play fearlessly" with the product.

Perhaps Phantom 002 is a similar type of product, but there are only two things we know for sure. First, going by the trailers, Phantom 002 will most likely feature colors inspired by oil slicks, such as taupe, fuchsia, chartreuse, and cerulean. Second, it appears it will release on Dec. 15, so keep your eyes peeled. I'll wager that it sells out just as quickly as Gold 001 did. You'll have to move fast to catch this ghost.

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Images: Pat McGrath/Instagram