9 Grown-Up Holiday Hair Accessories To Rock

Fact: Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year, so I'm not at all exaggerating when I say I go all out with it. Decking the halls, playing Christmas music, baking ALL the things — and, of course, dressing up all festive every chance I get. But holiday hairstyles can be a little bit more tricky than, say, finding the perfect party dress, because adorning yourself in the classic bows, ribbons, bright colors, and all things sparkly can sometimes make you look like a little kid. Lucky for you, I've pulled together some of the best holiday hair accessories to look festive (and adult) all season long.

Holiday hairstyles were far more fool-proof when I was younger, but now that I'm in my 20s, there is a fine line between juvenile and festive. Basically, showing up to the office looking like Cindy Lou Who definitely would not fly, so I try to choose accessories that are still in "the spirit of Christmas" and all that jazz, but look a little more grown-up and polished. And luckily, there are plenty of cute but still whimsical options.

If you're ready to graduate from the dorky bows and glitter, shop these nine "mature" holiday hair accessories.

1. Headband

Elisir Headband, $28, Anthropologie

You'll look like a shimmering snowflake...without actually wearing a snowflake.

2. Scrunchie

Faux Fur Scrunchie, $12, Topshop

Swap the basic black scrunchie for a faux fur version to feel a little more elegant.

3. Turban

Winternight Turban, $38, Anthropologie

If headbands feel too middle-school for you, a turban is an edgier way to wear the look.

4. Rhinestones

Rhinestone Pins, $12, Topshop

Bobby pins might bring back flashbacks of your childhood dance recitals, but add some rhinestones and they become seriously chic.

5. Hair Tie

Filigree Hair Tie, $9, ASOS

This is way more glam than whatever is around your wrist right now.

6. Bells

Bell Scrunchie, $7, ASOS

Wearing bells in your hair sounds totally dorky, but pair the scrunchie with a classic red lip and a smoky eye to make it look edgier and more adult.

7. Garland

Floral Garland, $27, ASOS

Skip the pine garlands and decorate your hair with a floral garland instead.

8. Pearls

Pearl Barette, $9, ASOS

It doesn't get more grown-up than pearls.

9. Crown

Hair Crown, $4, ASOS

Upgrade from your childhood princess tiara.

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Images: Anthropologie; Topshop; ASOS