Kourtney Kardashian Wears Thigh-High Boots Sans Pants, Looks Awesome — PHOTOS

When it comes to the Kardashians, each one of them is different in her own way. Although her sisters are normally the ones in the spotlight for their outrageous clothing, the oldest Kardashian could definitely teach them a thing or two about style. Kourtney Kardashian wore thigh-high boots and an oversized sweatshirt, proving that she knows how to rock a risky ensemble just as well as the rest of her family.

Kardashian brightened up her Monday with a powder pink sweatshirt and, well, not much else. The mom of three paired the plain oversized shirt with nothing but a pair of black suede thigh-high boots. Take that, Kim! It's not clear where the star was strutting off to in the daring outfit, but, from the look of how many pictures she posted, she was clearly feeling herself. Heck, I would be too, if I was rocking an outfit like that.

Although it's not the most functional, the statement pieces definitely made for the perfect mix of dressing up and dressing down. Add to that a uniquely-shaped cross-body and a great pair of shades, and this is one outfit that might never go out of style. To top it all off, she matched her powder pink lipstick with the hue of her shirt and added just enough mascara to show how her natural beauty really does shine.

She looks great and she definitely knows it.

Kardashian supported Yeezy's line and looked fabulous with only two pieces.

The stunning light pink lip color probably isn't from Kylie Jenner's lip kit, but it sure is pretty.

This isn't the first daring outfit that Kardashian has paired with tall boots. She has had her fair share of high fashion moments, and many of them involve a similar style of shoe. It's times like these that I wish Kardashian would finally launch her own website.

1. Head To Toe Black

The reality star doesn't need any color at all to look fierce.

2. Short & Sweet

She had a similar street style moment this summer, proving that this look is perfect no matter what the weather.

3. Edgy Leather

Because everyone knows the best way to complete a sheer look is with a pair of thigh-high leather boots.

4. Keeping It Classy

Not even the shooting range can hold Kardashian back from her fabulous style.

5. Quirky Cool

Corset meets heels meets boot at her brother-in-law's birthday party.

6. Fall Flannel

She skipped the pants once again and dressed up a boy-cut flannel for the perfect fall look.

7. Red Carpet Sass

In leather boots and a gold robe, Kardashian looked like a stylish superhero during her time in New York City.

Whoever says Kardashian isn't the most fashion-forward sister definitely hasn't seen the way she rocks this risky shoe.

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