The Last Messages People Received From Loved Ones

A word to the wise: Before you go anywhere near the Last Message Received Tumblr, grab some tissues and your phone, because you're going to want to text all your loved ones afterward. Are you ready? Are you sure? OK. Let's begin.

Some Tumblrs are the type to make you cry tears of laughter; think Literary Starbucks or Perez Hamilton, both of which provide sweet, hilarious entertainment (and opportunity for procrastination) for hours upon end. The Last Message Received is just as likely to make you cry, but for entirely different reasons — namely, pure, unadulterated emotion. Created by 15-year-old Emily Trunko, the website archives people's last conversations with their loved ones, whether it's ex-significant others, ex-friends, or even those who passed away. As you can imagine, it's a pretty heavy topic, but it's not just misery porn. Trunko created the Tumblr with the idea of providing something accessible to everyone, no matter how alone someone might feel in their particular situation.

"I was inspired to start the Tumblr by thinking about the variety of emotions that could result from it — love, hate, sorrow — and how some of the submissions could be very relatable," Trunko writes to Bustle over email. "One of the main things I like about The Last Message Received is that anyone looking through it can find something they relate to."

Submissions range from the last words after a breakup...

To the last time someone hears from their loved one before they pass away.

Since being featured on BuzzFeed, the Tumblr has received massive amounts of attention; according to Trunko, she has received more than 2500 submissions in the past week, which is "way higher than the week before."

Although the term "loved one" often evokes romantic relationships, Trunko tells Bustle that she makes sure to encourage messages from friends and family as well. "Those relationships can often matter just as much, or more, to people than relationships with significant others. It can be just as hard for people to deal with last messages from them as from significant others," she writes.

Whether the message is from an abusive ex or a beloved father, The Last Message Received is a powerful demonstration of how deeply our loved ones affect our lives. (It'll also make you want to hug your mom.) Check out a few more submissions below, and head over to The Last Message Received for more.

BRB, sobbing forever.

Images: Robert Huffstutrer/Flickr; courtesy of The Last Message Received/Tumblr (5); Giphy