The One Thing To Fight Dry Skin This Winter

If you’ve noticed your skin getting tighter and itchier as the weather gets colder, you’re not alone. Dry skin is super common in the winter, but there is one thing to help dry skin that you definitely don’t want to skip. If you’ve been coating yourself in moisturizing lotions but are still struggling, the tip below could be the key to hydrating your skin this season.

Linda Stein Gold, MD, clinical research director for the dermatology department at Detroit Henry Ford Hospital, told WebMD, “Once the weather starts to change, I see patients complaining of dry, itchy skin.” Her main piece of advice for treating dry skin? Taking shorter showers (think ten to fifteen minutes) with lukewarm to cool water.

Stein Gold explained, “I know it feels wonderful to stand in a really hot shower, but it can dry out the natural oils in our skin more quickly.” Taking a cold shower on a cold day sounds fairly miserable, but keep in mind this doesn’t mean the water has to be ice cold to avoid drying out skin!

Even tweaking from piping hot water to barely warm will make a huge difference in how many natural oils your skin will retain after you bathe. And if skipping your steam fix seems unbearable, try Audrey Hepburn’s steam facial after you shower.

Need extra motivation? You should totally reward yourself for surviving that cold shower with one of these extra hydrating moisturizers below to seal in the hydration!

1. Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, $26, Clinique

This lotion is advertised as a facial "drink" and your dry skin will soak up all its hydrating goodness as soon as you put it on.

2. Ultra Facial Cream

Ultra Facial Cream, $26, Kiehl's

This is my favorite moisturizer under makeup since it never leaves a greasy feel.

3. "Forever Young" Body Butter

"Forever Young" Body Butter, $34, Supergoop!

With SPF 40, this moisturizer is a worth-it splurge if you're romping out in the snow and sunshine.

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Images: Isla Murray; Courtesy of Brands