6 Magical Christmas Moments From Harry Potter

I'm a big believer in rereading the Harry Potter series whenever the mood strikes, but I don't think there's a better time for it than winter. The weather gets gloomy, it's dark when you're leaving work, and basically, we could all use a little extra magic. But more than anything else? Every book has a magical Christmas moment. I mean, ABC Family includes the movies in its 25 Days of Christmas schedule for a reason!

How could we forget the first time Harry stays at Hogwarts for Christmas, not expecting anything, and finds a pile of gifts, all for him, for the first time ever? Including, of course, the invisibility cloak! He gets to feel like he has friends and family, people who care about him, which is something he's never had before. It's a Christmas miracle if there ever was one! Not to mention the Great Hall is all decorated, there's the Christmas feast, and the good cheer throughout the castle. They don't host a real-life Christmas dinner there for nothing!

So, even if it seems unlikely, next time you're feeling a little Grinch-y, give Harry Potter a reread. J.K. Rowling reminds us all that for wizards and muggles alike, Christmas is the most magical time of all.

1. When Harry Got the Invisibility Cloak

Harry spends his first wizard Christmas at Hogwarts, and you can't blame him. The castle is beautiful around Christmas! Plus, Ron stayed with him, so it's not like he was alone. And of course we can't forget the gifts. A handmade sweater from Mama Weasley, and, oh yeah, Harry was given one of the Deathly Hallows for Christmas: the invisibility cloak. Super casual, and blew our-real life gifts out of the water. And we were amazed, because nothing says magic like a cloak of invisibility, right? Right! (And then seven years later when we were all blown away by how early the Hallows were foreshadowed.)

2. When The Trio Spends Christmas Break Making Polyjuice Potion

Christmas drinks are some of the best around. Eggnog? Sure. Hot toddies, hot chocolate, hot apple cider? Basically anything that starts with "hot?" Definitely. But a potion brewed for weeks and topped with hair? No thanks. Alas, Harry, Hermione, and Ron spend Christmas at Hogwarts, determined to find out what exactly is going in in the Slytherin common room, and to do so, they need to make and drink Polyjuice Potion. It's not the most glamorous Christmas memory, but it was definitely a magical one.

3. When Harry Gets His Firebolt

In Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry gets a mysterious Christmas present: the coveted Firebolt broomstick, but it doesn't come with a card or a note. Hermione, nervous, of course reports the mysterious gift, but it ultimately was Harry's first gift from Sirius which is the most magical part of it all.

4. When the Yule Ball Brings Everyone Closer

Physically closer, emotionally closer — Ron dances with McGonagall, don't forget, and everyone realizes at once that Hermione is, in fact, a girl. The castle is decorated beautifully, everyone is feeling festive, and there are guests. It almost helped us forget the death-defying events that would come a few chapters later.

5. When They Spend Christmas At The Burrow

If you're not spending Christmas at Hogwarts, the next best place would have to be the Burrow. Hands down the coziest house I can imagine, just picture it decorated for the holidays, filled to bursting with guests, and brimming with amazing holiday treats. There's not a more magical place around to spend Christmas. Invite us all, please, Molly!

6. When Harry Visit His Parents At Godric's Hollow

Harry and Hermione find themselves back in Godric's Hollow, not knowing it was Christmas Eve until they're in a cemetery. Of course, they find the graves of Harry's parents, and leave a wreath to adorn it. What better gift could Harry ask for than to find his parents again after all he'd been through? It was beautifully magical, and J.K. Rowling proved to us once again that magic doesn't always mean wands and spells.

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