"Dinner In The Great Hall" Pictures From Warner Bros Studios Will Give You All The Potter FOMO — PHOTOS

Would you say your weekend pretty chill? Sorry to break it to you, but anything you did just got storytopped by these lucky Muggles who went to the "Dinner In The Great Hall" event in Warner Bros. Studios this past weekend. On December 3, they were ushered into the actual set where filming took place and served up Harry Potter-themed grub that would impress even the most culinarily-skilled house elf, and then set on a tour of the studio and the famous wizarding shopping street. The whole shebang was followed by an evening of dance and drink that probably made the Yule Ball look like small potatoes.

While I'm brewing in my Non-Maj FOMO here an ocean away, it was probably for the best that I couldn't go myself, because no amount of Galleon bribes would stop me from bursting in and screaming "TROLLLLL!! IN THE DUNGEON!!!!! ... thoughtyououghttoknow" before swooning into someone's pudding. That being said, it fully would have been worth getting arrested in a foreign country for disturbing the peace just to see the inside of it, and maybe get my hands on that treacle tart Ron liked so much. (I've always had a feeling Ron's and my stomachs would be soulmates.)

For those of us who did not manage to swim across the ocean to attend, we at least have the small mercy of being able to vicariously live through the many pictures people took of the event. Brace yourselves for the most intense FOMO you'll ever feel:

The Great Hall

The Food

The Fans

Don't cry, guys. Next year we'll all get our Apparating licenses. Or ride a hippogriff over the Atlantic. I'm up for suggestions. In the meantime, you can have your own aggressively Harry Potter Christmas by following my lead and eating exclusively magical-themed candy in your House pajamas. Merlinspeed.

Images: Warner Bros. Studios