8 Weird Beauty Tools You Need In 2016 That Might Change Your Life — PHOTOS

Beauty tools are an odd animal. While there are the usual brushes, sponges, and loofahs, sometimes things can get downright odd. However, different can pay off, and this roundup of weird beauty tools you need in 2016 are total proof that you shouldn't knock something until you try it — no matter how much it may look like a sex toy.

Some beauty tools are simply requirements for a person who loves a good skincare of makeup routine. Whether it's a great set of makeup brushes or a brush for microdermabrasion, you've probably seen the basics when it comes to beauty tools. However, there are some seriously interesting-looking gadgets out there that really make me ask, "Who exactly created something like this?"

Whether it's a tool to exercise away any extra chin fluff or what is essentially a toothbrush for your lips, creative beauty tools are easy to come by, and some are more valuable than others. I'm pretty sure everyone was skeptical when Clarisonic launched their first brush, and just look at them now. Basically, while you may be skeptical of products and beauty tools at first, there's a good chance that they could become your new holy grail.

So what weird beauty tools do you need for 2016?

Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove

Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove, $39, Sigma

Don't knock this tool until you try it. This baby will speed up your brush cleaning process like crazy, and maybe it'll make the task less tedious.

Bliss Pout-o-Matic

Bliss Pout-O-Matic, $37, Jet

It's essentially a toothbrush for your lips, but the Pout-o-Matic exfoliates your lips making them the perfect canvas. If you're into matte lipsticks, you'll definitely want this tool in your beauty arsenal. No one likes flaky, burgundy lips.

Eyeliner Assistant

Plastic Eyeliner Assistant Guide Makeup Tool (Pink), $7, Jet

I'll be the first to admit that this tool looks straight up weird, but if you struggle with creating a perfect line, this could really be an asset.

Tweezerman Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover

Tweezerman Facial Hair Remover, $20, Sephora

I would never have thought this tool was for facial hair, but if you haven't hopped on the face shaving bandwagon, this could be a tool perfect for you.

Billion Dollar Brows Brow Buddy

Billion Dollar Brows The Brow Buddy Kit, $20, Amazon

This tool might look a bit strange, but it's a total lifesaver. While the old adage that your brows are sisters not twins is true, this baby helps to bridge that gap. The on fleek brow trend doesn't seem to leaving any time soon, and this will be perfect for the new year.

Every Drop Beauty Spatula

Eye Drop Beauty Spatula, $5, The Container Store

Every bummed that you missed that last drop of foundation? Well, don't worry. The beauty spatula may seem unnecessary, but it'll help you get every bit of that liquid MAC foundation out of its glass bottle.

Japonesque Heated Mini Lash Curler

Japonesque Heated Mini Lash Curler, $16, Amazon

Think a heated lash curler is weird? Just think about the staying power your curling iron has on your hair. Same theory here. Want ultra curled lashes? This is your answer.

NuFACE® mini

Nuface® Mini, $199, Sephora

Is this a sex toy? A back massager? A kitchen device? Nope, none of the above. This facial toning device uses microcurrent technology to stimulate the collagen and elastin in your skin, which promises to fight aging and repair damage. It might seem like a splurge, but when you think about how much money you'll be saving from not having to get the expensive treatment done (which is offered during some facials) at a salon, it's actually a steal.

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