Third Time Wasn't The Charm For Korin Bukowski

It was a Team Gwen showdown for the final spot in The Voice semifinals, but only could come out victorious. That lucky artist was 15-year-old Braiden Sunshine, who beat Korin Bukowski for America's save vote in tonight's bottom two. Though neither contestants' performance was perfect, Sunshine's was far more deserving of the save. This means that, after landing in the bottom two three weeks in a row, Korin Bukowski was eliminated from the competition.

It was obvious in Bukowski's performance that she was feeling the pressure — I would be too if I continuously landed in the bottom two and had to sing for my life on the show. Her performance of "Try" was — well, let's just say she tried. The 20-year-old unfortunately forgot the words quite a few times throughout the song and was visibly struggling. Obviously shaken from forgetting the first set of lines, Bukowski just couldn't manage to recover no matter how much she tried — it was actually the most heartbreaking thing I've ever seen on this show. The worst part was that, aside from forgetting the words, her vocals were some of her strongest yet. Despite this fact, the audience still couldn't forgive her for the slip-up and decided that this was her night to go home.

As heartbreaking as it was to see her go under the circumstances, it was definitely the right time. Bukowski's performances were beginning to flatline as her competitors were constantly improving. Her constant defeat was showing itself in her performances. She also lost the uniqueness that she came into this competition with — and if that isn't a sign that it's time to go, then I don't know what is.

Though she's an extremely talented artist, Bukowski just wasn't right for this show and that's okay. Her voice appeals to a very niche audience, which isn't the audience watching the show. She may have been a clear favorite for Coach Gwen, but the audience didn't agree. And at this point in the game, the audience's support is crucial to staying in this game.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC