Alessandra Ambrosio Pays Kendall Jenner & Gigi Hadid A Very Sweet Compliment — PHOTOS

If people were asked to name a Victoria's Secret supermodel, you'd probably hear the names Heidi, Giselle, and obviously, Alessandra Ambrosio. The woman is pure gorgeous magic on the runway, and she's not scared to share the glory. Alessandra Ambrosio says Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are runway pros and explains to E! that at this year's Victoria's Secret fashion show, the vet didn't need to give the two newest angels any catwalk advice.

Ambrosio has been an incredible presence in the modeling world over the past several years, and the gorgeous model doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon. Just a mere week ago she appeared nude on the cover of Maxim looking absolutely gorgeous. Then, Ambrosio decided to switch up the Victoria's Secret hair game and chop off the signature angel long locks into one heck of a killer long bob. Then there's that little thing called the Victoria's Secret fashion show which she rocked alongside newcomers Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. While some models may balk at the younger generation's use of social media to rise to the top of the pack, Ambrosio doesn't seem to share those qualms. Quite the opposite actually. She doles out praises for the two newest angels.

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In a sit down with E! , Ambrosio was asked about Hadid and Jenner's first time on what could arguably be called the world's most well-known runway, and I've got to say that I adore her answer. She explained, "Gigi and Kendall are great on the runway. They're pros already. I've done a lot of fashion shows with them, so they don't need any advice. They know what they're doing." While Ambrosio is clearly qualified to offer advice on how to handle a runway, she chose not to do so. Instead, she chose to praise two new models' talents, and in an industry that can get a bad rep for bullying, it was super refreshing to hear.

Ambrosio went on about the pair of BFF models citing their closeness as one of the things she loved seeing backstage. "They were just so cute together," she said, "I saw them interacting." It's no surprise that Ambrosio took note of the girls backstage. I have no doubt that the pair were beside themselves. Who would want to walk a runway with the bestie?

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Just look at T. Swift and Karlie. Plus, the pair were super supportive of one another both before and after the show. I've got to say, seeing ladies build one another up like this really gets me right in the feels.

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While Kendall and Gigi's Victoria's Secret walks were definitely some of their best, the pair has done killer work in the past that totally makes them worthy of praise from a vet like Alessandra.

Gigi for Tommy Hilfiger

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Gigi splashing across that runway with the other models was incredible.

Kendall for Chanel


Kendall straight up closed the show for Chanel. Pretty sure that means she's made it.

Gigi for Balmain x H&M

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Absolutely stunning.

Kendall for Balmain x H&M

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They're wearing coordinating outfits, and you can't tell me it wasn't on purpose.

Gigi for Versace

Pietro D'Aprano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

That mini dress is everything.

Kendall for DVF

JP Yim/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Love this effortless, gorgeous look for Jenner.

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