You Need This John Oliver Figurine

Here's the second-best thing, behind Last Week Tonight returning to the airwaves: a John Oliver action figure. OK, OK, it's probably more like a figurine. But the vinyl collectible is a pretty accurate representation of the late-night host: cute, cuddly, and seemingly disarming, but a sharp shooter nonetheless who's capable of taking down federal agencies and heads of international soccer governing bodies with just a few of his British-accented words.

This special JO figurine comes to you from the folks over at Funko Pop!, a Washington-based company that holds hundreds of licenses in order to sell millions of collectible figurines and toys in the likenesses of your favorite TV and movie characters. Fun fact: HBO also sells Pop! vinyls of your favorite Game of Thrones characters, which means you can singlehandedly resurrect Jon Snow in your own home.

Mini-John Oliver is listed at HBO's store website, but the makers say that it won't be available for purchase until February. Which unfortunately means that he won't be around this holiday season, but he will be around just in time for Last Week Tonight's glorious Season 3 premiere. Get ready for some epic mic drops and crazy politically-fueled rants coming straight to you both from your TV and your own living room table.

Image: HBO Store