Kristen Stewart Has Long Hair Again — PHOTOS

It's like our beloved Bella Swan, who had a cascade of thick, chocolate brown locks, is back! Sort of. Kristen Stewart got hair extensions, showing off a long, sleek, honey brown ponytail. The actress debuted the long locks at the Chanel Métier d’Arts show in Rome and it was just stunning. K. Stew had chopped off her hair, favoring a rugged, shaggy, wash 'n' go lob in recent times and it looked killer on her, since she always styled it in different ways. But she has gone back to long and sleek... even if only temporarily.

Stewart, who is also starring in Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel film and serving as his main muse, was absolutely a headturner with her new 'do. She wore her locks slicked back into a tight pony, which sat on her shoulder. The soft and warm color was also aces.

So while the length reminded me of Stewart's star-making turn as Bella Swan in Twilight, this super long and sexy style is way more grown up and totally more chic than that of the teenager in love! Is this what Swan would look like when she grew up? Perhaps. Or maybe it's a bit too "fashiony" for Edward Cullen's main squeeze.

Whatever the case, her portrayer was a vision when she returned to long hair.


So. Much. Length.


This is the longest her hair has been in quite some time.


Long hair, don't care.


This pony makes me wish that K. Stew would commit to growing back her hair.


Pretty pony! This may very well be a super long attachment, but it looked gorge.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Her lob was versatile, though! She slicked it back.


She also styled it into complex updos.

Ian Gavan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images



She was also pixiefied.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Stewart really got the most out of her short hair, styling it in so many ways and with toughened textures. But I am all about that pony.

K. Stew also stars in Once and Forever, Karl Lagerfeld's film. In it, Stewart portrays a temperamental actress starring in a Coco Chanel in a biopic. Chew on that and then check some of her looks!

That collar and that bouffant!

The quintessential K. Stew look — jeans and sneakers! She makes casual look amaze, be it IRL or when playing a role.

Once, still, and always a girl crush.

So many looks in this 11-minute clip!

That's some serious bling.

A glam diva, for sure.

Watch the Once and Forever footage below. There's plenty of Stewart look to enjoy.

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