9 Texts You Would Have Sent In The '90s

Text messaging in the '90s would have been wild. Text message was widely available as early as 1995, but we were all kids/teens then and it wasn't a time where we just expected to have cell phones. Our parents gave us them for "emergencies" when we went to the mall to watch a movie, and they were mostly just used to play that super pixellated snake game, which is still a better game than any kind of candy crushing saga they have now. So while we could text, we didn't really, and probably didn't step up our texting game until the early '00s, by which point it was far too late to send any really era specific texts, although I'm sure I still sent a lot about Britney Spears' midriff.

In the '90s, people still called each other, like idiots. I remember having two and three hour long conversations on the LANDLINE with my friends on the weekends. Now if my phone starts ringing my first impulse is to throw it out the window, because who does that? Texting back then was also arduous: you had to hit each button several times until you got to the letter you wanted, and there wasn't such a thing as predictive texts on the brick sized phones with green screens. So here's what you would have sent if you had your smart phone in the '90s:

1. "Loser" Hand Emoji

If it was the '90s there would 100 percent be an emoji face holding a finger and a thumb in the shape of an "L" on its forehead.

2. "Want 2 Pop Over 2 My Crib N Watch A Video?"

Before Netflix and chill there was...

3. "Stop Buggin'"

Send to a jealous ex/paranoid friend/anyone annoying you or being dramatic via text.

4. "That's Hella Dope!"

Everything that was a little bit more than usual was "hella" in the '90s.

5. "Psyche!"

The '90s equivalent of saying "...Not!" after making an untrue statement. It's as truly uncool as it sounds. You'd probably send this after "psyching" your friend out with a fake text.

6. "I <3 U 4Eva"

Any chance to shorten "forever" to "4eva" was basically why we lived back then.

7. "That's Whack"

The equivalent of when you type "That's funny" or "That's weird" or anything else acknowledging that your friend's text was interesting to you, even though you weren't really interested in it at all. It's blowing someone off without blowing them off.

8. "U Go Grl!"

The '90s was all about girls going.

9. "Peace out"

"- Peace" was the ultimate '90s sign off. People would say it at the end of a phone conversation, so it follows that they'd type it at the end of a text message.

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