New 'X-Files' Promo Suggests We're Being Lied To, But We Won't Know For Sure Until January — VIDEO

I don't know about you, but the wait for the premiere of the X-Files reboot feels interminable. In reality, we've only got about six weeks left before we're reunited with Mulder and Scully, but that's still way too long, if you ask me. Sure, I've got my reservations about what Chris Carter is going to do to destroy the show's original legacy, but I'm trying to remain cautiously hopeful that the strength of its mythology as well as the intense chemistry between David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson will carry us through to a decently solid and only slightly embarrassing nostalgia-filled show. The latest promo seems vaguely concerning on that front, unfortunately. The new X-Files teaser wonders if we're being lied to about aliens, and while that's the age old question that I thought we answered back in the '90s, apparently there's still more to uncover.

The teaser — only 30 seconds long, sadly — features a bunch of amateur home footage of UFOs in the sky, with the voices of the people who took the videos stating how they'd been told the lights in the sky were just government missile tests. But Mulder's not buying it, and his voice booms in soon after, questioning whether we're "truly alone" or "being lied to" — a philosophical thought he hopes you'll ponder, as well. And then, as soon as it started, it fades to black and those few doo-DOO-doo notes of the theme song play and that's that.

We already know that the six-episode series will be a combination of mythology and MOTW (that's Monster of the Week, for the uninitiated), but one has to wonder how far we can get into either with only six episodes to work with — especially since we have a real mission here: to get Mulder and Scully back together. The fact that we're still talking about UFOs and wondering if the government is lying to us feels like something we would have seen (and actually did) back in '93 when the show first started. After all, we KNOW the government is lying to us, that aliens exist, that many have made their way here, and that sometimes those lights in the sky are spaceships. How is this still a question?

Considering the fact that we're recycling material more than 20 years old, I'm worried about what this says for the new X-Files. After all, reboots are iffy enough on their own, but bringing something back for the sake of cashing in on nostalgia — and believe me, I miss Mulder and Scully like I miss actual people I knew in real life — not only makes no sense, it's lazy and a bit offensive. Instead of adding anything to the story, it starts dismantling it piece by piece, and given how disastrous the last two seasons of the original run were, that "cautious hope" I spoke of is constantly waning.

That being said, I'll still be tuning in come January, so we'll see.

Image: Ed Araquel/FOX