8 'Pretty Little Liars' Characters Who Made Surprising Returns During Season 6A

Fans have watched Pretty Little Liars' characters grow up in pretty much every way possible throughout the show's six seasons. Sure, it's been a great ride watching Aria, Hanna, Emily, Spencer, and even Alison evolve throughout the years, but there were shocking moments from other characters too. In all honesty, some of the most jaw-dropping surprises on Pretty Little Liars have not been from the Liars themselves, but actually the frequent Pretty Little Liars guest stars.

And I'm not talking about the actors who have shown up for just an episode, I'm talking about the characters who come back out of nowhere just to stir the pot. These are the kind of people we forget about until they pop up in the middle of some scheme wearing an outrageous costume. We already know them and are invested in them, so that's why it's even crazier when they come onto the scene to instigate some drama.

One of the most outrageous things about PLL is that you can never really count anyone out — even if you think they're dead. We all know that many of the characters have come back from dead — or at least faked their death —plus, there are those endless flashbacks that help piece together the mystery. My point is that there is pretty much always a reason to bring back familiar faces to the show. Here are the familiar faces who returned to Pretty Little Liars this year during Season 6A.

1. CeCe Drake/Charlotte DiLaurentis

CeCe Drake came on the scene out of nowhere in Season 3. Nobody really knew what her deal was other than her ties to both Ali and Jason DiLaurentis — and even those ties were unclear. The only sure thing was that she had some sort of agenda. Well, she came back for Season 6A in a major way. It was revealed that CeCe Drake was actually an alias for Charlotte DiLaurentis, and that Charlotte DiLaurentis was Jason and Ali's long lost sibling, who came out as transgender after being assigned the name Charles at birth.

2. Dr. Sullivan

Dr. Sullivan was the first adult who the Little Liars could trust. She was the first one to figure out that Mona was the original A in Season 2. During the sixth season, Hanna turned to Dr. Sullivan for help and to tell her about everything they went through with Charlotte.

3. Mike Montgomery

I always wanted Mike to have more of his own story line, and that happened when he weirdly started dating Mona. Nevertheless, he is always disappearing from the plot, but in Season 6 he popped up as a confidant for Mona and tried to get her to forgive herself for all of the crazy things she did playing the A game against his own sister and his friends.

4. Lesli Stone

In Season 5, Lesli seemed like an innocent friend of Mona's who was upset about the news of her murder. In retrospect, that should have been the first red flag. Who would believe that Mona had an innocuous pal? Then Lesli switched up her personality and went against the Liars and Alison when she testified against Ali in Mona's murder trial. She appeared in Season 6 with another personality change when she turned against Mona when she lashed out and threatened her supposed friend. It was also revealed that she roomed with Bethany Young at Radley. There is definitely a mystery about Lesli, and I have a feeling that she will be around to reveal even more when 6B airs.

5. Dean Stavros

Dean first appeared as Spencer's super hot sober coach after she came out of rehab during the fourth season and he was fired when her mom found them innocently asleep on the couch together. The two reunited in an Addicts Anonymous meeting in Season 6A and his handsome face was a welcomed presence for fans to see.

6. Marion Cavanaugh

We never saw Toby's mom, Marion Cavanaugh, when she was alive, but she was a major part of unraveling the mystery around Bethany Young and the true identity of A. She appeared in a pretty pivotal flash back during the 6A finale. It was revealed that Bethany Young pushed Marion Cavanaugh off of the roof at Radley and that's how she died. The murder was blamed on Charlotte DiLaurentis and Jessica DiLaurentis had the story covered up.

7. Jessica DiLaurentis

Even though Jessica DiLaurentis died, she was a major part of Season 6 through flashbacks. It was revealed that Jessica knew that Charlotte was alive and helped her fake her death, so she could live a new life after coming out as transgender.

8. Bethany Young

I'm not sure if Bethany Young qualifies as a familiar face who returned, but hear me out. Yes, 6A was the first time we actually saw her face, but we saw her body and knew a lot about her for a few seasons before that. The appearance of Bethany Young via flashbacks brought everything together for the liars to figure out that CeCe Drake/Charlotte DiLaurentis stole the game to be A.

With so many memorable reappearances in 6A, it makes me pretty excited to see who will pop up after the time jump when 6B rolls around.

Images: ABC Family