The Top Dog Names Of 2015 Reveal A Lot About The People Who Named Them

While many people on my Facebook newsfeed are updating me on their newly acquired babies, I've been far more interested in reading Rover's list of the most popular dog names of 2015. Don't get me wrong, babies are cute and I sure as hell will have a few myself, but for now, I can only image loving someone that walks on all fours and barks. Mainly because I am nowhere near emotionally ready for a child, and dogs are much more fun to pet than human babies.

If you are like me and dogs are basically your everything right now, then this article is for you! Dog names are becoming the new "thing". No more Apple, North, and Suri to distract you — Spot, Buddy, and Bella are the dog equivalent that you don't have to put through college. Plus, I can see myself picking up hotties with a dog in tow. (#Bless, Fido.)

Dog names can be tricky. You want to be original but not so much so that people around you think you're talking to an imaginary boyfriend. That's why I personally always thought human names are not for dogs. Turns out I knew and continue to know nothing, because human names ARE SO IN RIGHT NOW. If we were to look in the top ten names for boy and girl dogs — human names dominate. I might just have to rethink my whole entire worldview here.

The following list below is my idea of fun. I will be taking some of the popular (or should I say pup-ular) dog names and matching them with the kind of human they belong with in my mind:

1. Jack

This dog belongs to someone who is like Keanu Reeves. Chill as hell, but can portray a really intense character when the right times comes.

2. Bear

This dog is 100 percent the sidekick to kick-ass femme fatale. Can't you just image a woman with a long cigarette, hidden by the shadows, with a GIANT dog at her feet? I can. I already got the screenplay going.

3. Tucker

Tucker is a cowboy's dog. No questions about it.

4. Chloe

Chloe can only be the dog of one of the coolest chicks you know. Fun, easy to talk to, goofy, and super down for spontaneous trips.

5. Bailey

He works in a coffee shop. He does improv every night. He loves watching Mr. Show and then retelling you every joke. He also owns a dog names Bailey, who you might just like more than him.

6. Sadie

No doubt about it. Sadie belong to the baddest of all chicks. Can't you just hear "come here Sadie!" in a stern voice?!

To see the other top names collected by Rover, a dogwalking and petsitting site, click here.

Images: Giphy; Getty Images