Stop The Presses: Her Daughter Is Still Adorable

I don't know if you knew, but Jessica Simpson's daughter is really cute. Simpson definitely knows — well, it's her daughter so it would be weird if she didn't — and it explains why she loves uploading photos of Maxwell to Twitter. Recently, Jessica Simpson posted a photo of Maxwell and her "boo boo." As annoying as the phrase "boo boo" is, the picture some how still manages to be adorably awesome and here's why.

1. The Hello Kitty Band-Aid

The official band-aid of hurt little kids everywhere.

2. Maxwell's Hairstyle

The ponytail right on top of her head is reminiscent of a fountain or a pineapple. This could be seen as insulting if said to an adult, but when it's about a toddler, it's definitely a compliment.

3. Maxwell's Pose

This is a high fashion pose for a little girl simply displaying her boo boo. Also, and more importantly, she looks like she's making her own Drake Hands video.

4. Simpson's Alliteration

Simpson captioned the picture, "Maxi got a boo boo but her baby blues are beautiful." B-b-b-b-but Jessica, everyone thinks you're stupid. Your skills as a wordsmith should shut them up for good!

5. Us Weekly's Description

Us Weekly gave Maxwell's pic the same treatment that a photo of an actress on the Oscars' red carpet would be given and it's amazing. "She wore a brown, long-sleeve shirt while outside, with her blonde locks swept halfway up in a messy ponytail. She lifted her right hand to her face to show off her pink Hello Kitty accessory." Replace "long-sleeve shirt" with designer gown and "Hello Kitty accessory" with Lorraine Schwartz jewels and this could be about Scarlett Johansson.

Image: Jessica Simpson/ Twitter