Every BB-8 Lover's Gift Guide

Ever since the first footage from Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released to the masses, we have all come to learn one universal truth: BB-8 is life. From the moment he rolled into the Star Wars universe, the little soccer ball-like droid owned our hearts. It helps that he's adorable — less than half the size of the equally cute, but bulkier, R2-D2 — and that BB-8 is seen in the trailer alongside one of the new main protagonists, Rey, who is clearly on the light side. Needless to say, BB-8 has already become a fan favorite among Star Wars fans, and he hasn't even made his big screen debut yet! With both the release of The Force Awakens and Christmas fast approaching, it is only natural that fans are eager to get their hands on some sweet BB-8 merch. So, here are seven Star Wars BB-8 gifts perfect for any droid lover.

BB-8 is a stud, so the possibilities for BB-8 themed gifts are endless. Seriously, one search will turn up everything from suitcases (the rolling kind, of course) to earrings. Finding the perfect one is no easy feat, and what it will really come down to is what you want the gift to be: functional or fun? Once you've made a decision, the rest is easy — just take a look at these great BB-8 gifts below.

1. Life Size BB-8 Plush

Life Size BB-8 Plush, $30, ThinkGeek

This "life size" stuffed toy is perfect for fans who look at BB-8 and just want to give him a big hug. Droids are not inherently cuddly — they are made of metal, after all — so, as far as I'm concerned, making BB-8 out of fluff is only a good thing. The giant stuffed BB-8 is 2-feet tall and engineered to stay mostly straight up when placed on the floor. Perfect for sitting on the couch or cuddling in bed. (No, I'm not ashamed.)

2. Sphero BB-8

Sphero BB-8 Droid, $129, Amazon

The much talked about Sphero BB-8 droid is a real robot that owners can control from their smartphones. Frankly, it looks awesome — it can roll around, record videos and recognize your voice. Amazing, right? Of course, nothing this cool comes cheap.

3. FunKo Pop! Star Wars BB-8 Bobble-Head

BB-8 Bobble-head, $9, Amazon

If you love BB-8, but don't love him $150 worth, this cute bobble-head figure from FunKo is a perfect substitute. And, at $9, this BB-8 bobble-head is a great stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift.

4. BB-8 And Space Sweatshirt

BB-8 Christmas Sweater, $23, FunnyShirts

Going to an ugly Christmas sweater party, but don't have anything to wear? Check out this printed unisex sweatshirt featuring BB-8. The sweatshirt comes in five different colors — white, light grey, dark grey, baby pink and baby blue and is available in sizes S-4XL (though sizes 2XL and up cost extra).

5. BB-8 4GB USB Flash Drive

Another decent stocking stuffer, the BB-8 flash drive is small but useful. At $25 from the Disney Store, this gadget might be a little overpriced, but can you really put a price on your love of BB-8? Sure, the round shape might not be ideal for sticking into the side of your laptop, but, really, who cares?

6. BB-8 Backpack

Another functional gift (sort of), this BB-8 Backpack features a plush head and compartment (the bottom circle is the actual pack part). Storage space is limited — the pocket is only 10-inches in height — but it's big enough to fit a few books or small accessories. Get it from ThinkGeek for $40.

7. BB-8 Tattoo Flash Print

BB-8 Tattoos, $10, Etsy

Etsy is a treasure trove of all things, but especially of BB-8 gift ideas. These prints from Michelle Coffee are a great gift for someone who wants a print of BB-8, but doesn't like the official posters. You can nab them from missmichellecoffee on Etsy for $10.

Don't worry if you don't see your perfect BB-8 gift here. It's almost guaranteed that whatever BB-8 themed item you're looking for will exist out there somewhere, so don't give up just yet.

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Images: Walt Disney Studios; ThinkGeek (2); Amazon (2); Disney Store; Etsy