11 Cute & Cheap Star Wars Gifts

The holidays are a time for giving. And if you’ve got a giant family or a lot of friends, it’s the time for giving so much that your January credit card statement comes in a red warning envelope. But gift giving doesn’t have to wipe out your monthly budget, especially if there are Star Wars fans on your list. Merchandise and handmade gifts inspired by the space saga are especially ubiquitous right now, with The Force Awakens opening this month. And the internet is the place to find unexpected and cheap Star Wars gifts for the Lucasfilm fanatics in your life.

Granted, you could always treat those pals to a screening of the new film or even a themed party before it. But who doesn’t love stuff? The boundless universe that Star Wars represents gives ample material for designers and artists to create all kinds of cool products, from apparel to barware, that will speak directly to any fan. All of these gifts are priced below $25 and prove that you don’t have to take out a loan to put a smile on the face of a Star Wars enthusiast of any age (or species.) Happy shopping!

1. For The Caffeine Fiend

Mug, $11, Etsy

Coffee drinkers will get a kick out of this personalized mug, which comes with a built-in theft deterrent. (Are you Dave? Then hands off.)

2. For The Littlest Jedi Knight

Onesie, $20, We Love Fine

Get this onesie, and Obi-Wan would be proud of you for getting a youngling's training underway early.

3. For Your Own Furry Co-Pilot

Headband, $20, Petco

Anyone who'd say that Star Wars is just for humans has never taken in the multi-species scene at the cantina. Deck your pet out with this Princess Leia Dog Headband and treat her like the royalty she is.

4. For The Sith Lord Of Lounging

Slippers, $25, Kohls

The comfort is strong with these slippers.

5. For The Gadget Freak

Cardboard Accessory, $25, Verizon

Free is the ultimate in cheap! These limited edition Star Wars Google Cardboard designs are exclusive for Verizon customers at the stores. They link up with your smartphone and are loaded with special pieces of character art. Get a complimentary pair while supplies last.

6. For The Cocktail Queen Of The Galaxy

Death Star Mold, $12, Think Geek

Not only does this Death Star Ice Mold look cool, but the slow-melting cube will keep drinks fresh and strong.

7. For The Person In Need Of A Daily Yoda Mantra

Bracelet, $14, Etsy

This hand-stamped bracelet features the piece of Yoda wisdom most relevant here on earth.

8. For The Master Chef

The Star Wars Cookbook, $12, Barnes and Noble

I know, I know. The actual food in the Star Wars films doesn't look very appetizing. The recipes in this themed Cookbook are just inspired by the franchise, so your pal's taste buds are safe.

9. For The Fandom Family

Car Decals, $15, Think Geek

This set of car decals comes with a selection of clingy characters from which to build a galactic family. And they're way more fun than those boring stick figures.

10. For The Forceful Fashionista

Tank, $20, Think Geek

Now the beauty of Tatooine's double sunset is wearable. This ladies tank is a triumph of geek fashion.

11. For The Couple Who Bicker Because They Care

Keychain Set, $18, Etsy

Know a couple who are as perfect for each other and as totally insufferable as Han and Leia? Give them a reminder of their soulmate status with this keychain set.

With these cheap gifts, you can spread joy and keep the cash you need to see The Force Awakens three or four times in the theater.

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Images: Walt Disney Studios; Etsy (3); We Love Fine; Petco; Kohl's; Scott Stein/CNet, ThinkGeek (3); Barnes & Noble