7 Matching Ugly Sweaters For Couples To Make You Stand Out At Holiday Parties — PHOTOS

One of the best parts of the holidays is finding creative and fun ugly sweaters. But you know what makes them even better? Coordinating couples ugly sweaters. I mean, seriously, if you're going to rock all that dorkiness, you might as well drag your S.O. down with you. I've rounded up some of the best ugly sweaters for couples to wear to your holiday parties, for Christmas pictures, or just to add some hilarity to your next Netflix + chill night. Get ready to take your relationship to a whole new level.

I swear, every year, the ugly sweater game seems to outdo itself. Sticking to your standard, go-to ugly sweater works and all, but there's so many new, fun, and creative sweaters coming out each year, that you definitely don't want to miss out on the new crop. If you're looking for the perfect sweater for this year and are coupled up, then you might want to consider matching ugly sweaters. I know, couples who match are so cheesy, but hear me out — ugly sweaters are cheesy to begin with, so the irony of it all just makes them even better.

Shop these seven ugly sweaters for couples...and then buy your S.O. a super great holiday gift to make up for any shame involved.

1. Naughty And Nice

Naughty And Nice Sweaters, $70, Tipsyelves

There may be some debate on who wears which.

2. Christmas Tree

3D Ugly Sweater, $55, Etsy

Nothing says tacky like a 3D Christmas tree protruding from your sweater.

3. Disney

Light Up Mickey And Mini Sweaters, $105, Etsy

TBH, I love Disney so much, I'd wear this voluntarily. #noshame

4. Christmas Love

Christmas Sweater, $50, Etsy

If your partner is reluctant to participate, this simple (read: less embarrassing) sweater gets the job done.

5. Nutcracker

Nuts And Nutcracker Sweaters, $100, etsy

You guys are so nutty.

6. Santa

Santa Ugly Sweater, $55, Etsy

...or how to creep everyone out at the party.

7. Two-Person Shirt

All I Want For Christmas Is You Sweater; $66; etsy

If you can convince someone to wear this with you, you win Christmas.

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Images: Tipsy Elves; Etsy