Shop Rita Ora's Body Chain For Less With These Cute Options — PHOTOS

While some people are all about the rings or necklaces, this piece of jewelry is highlighting a whole different area of the body. Rita Ora wore body jewelry around her breasts, and it actually looked pretty fabulous. The sparkling halter bra is all about showing off the girls, but in a super subtle way.

I know what you're thinking — why would anyone want to wear jewelry around their boobs? But one look at Ora will make you completely change your mind, I promise. The singer posted a picture of herself wearing the statement piece underneath her bra, and it was way more glamorous than you might expect. It attached to her neck like a halter, making it seem like an elaborate necklace. It fit in with her other jewelry and still stood out due to its unique shape.

Although she's only wearing a bra in this image, it would be just as fabulous with a loose fitting t-shirt or tank top. With New Years Eve right around the corner, this could be your quick ticket to one memorable outfit. Ora's S&H Diamond Halter Bra will cost you a pretty penny — $4,690 worth of pennies to be exact — but it will without a doubt guarantee that you have a heck of a head-turning outfit.

I told you it was fabulous! Although not that many people can afford Ora's exact look, there are actually plenty of other options out there, believe it or not. From gorgeous body chains to ultra-long necklaces, these unique finds are just as out of the ordinary as Ora's jewelry.

1. Arrow Harness

Arrow Body Harness, ASOS, $14.50

It might not strap directly around your boobs, but it will highlight the same area in a quirky-cool way.

2. Collared Necklace

Laka Collar Body Chain, Nasty Gal, $40

This mix between a body chain and a necklace is the perfect holiday conversation piece.

3. Chain Vest

Chain Vest, Etsy, $36

Who needs a fur vest when you could rock a chain vest?

4. Dainty Bra

Heavy Metal Chain Bra, Free People, $238

This won't add the most support, but it sure does make for a stand-out look.

5. Golden Bustier

Layered Body Chain, Nordstrom, $35

Can you just image how fabulous this would look over a bodycon dress?

6. Draped Necklace

Labyrinth Body Chain, Free People, $68

The details of this one give off a boho-chic vibe.

7. Sparkly Shawl

Connect Body Chain, TopShop, $35

It might not keep you warm, but this chain shawl will keep you looking fierce.

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Images: Courtesy Brands (7)