How to Up Your Jewelry Game

Sometimes all you need to complete an outfit is the perfect accessory or two... or three. We know what Coco Chanel said about removing one piece of jewelry before we leave the house, but these days, less isn't exactly more. When it comes to wearing jewelry, more is often more. Styling your accessories has become just as fun and challenging as putting together an entire ensemble. It's practically an art. There are so many different elements to consider, from what kind of ring to wear (midi, knuckle, thin, chunky) to what order your wristwear should be (bracelet, watch, bangle). Here are simple tips to help you upgrade your jewelry game to the big leagues.


The easiest way to accessorize your jewelry is by picking one piece to work around. That piece can be a statement ring, a bold watch or a chunky bracelet. Work around it by adding pieces that are smaller in size and not as flashy. For example, in this photo from blogger Sincerely Jules, our focus is kept on her gold watch. She compliments it with thin bracelets and matching gold tones.


If there is no statement piece to work around and all of your jewelry pieces are equal standouts, try to mix them by thickness and size. Layer your bracelets by varying types. In this photo of blogger Chiara Ferragni's enviable arm swag, she layers her bracelets and keeps the smallest one in the middle.


Silver, rose gold, copper, white gold. It no longer has to match! In fact, it's encouraged to mix all kinds of metals when it comes to your jewelry. With just a few different metal pieces, your arm looks instantly dressier.


Don't be afraid to add a pop of color in a sea of gold and silver colored bracelets. Mixing in colorful woven or beaded bracelets is a fantastic way to take on the high-low trend and to make your jewelry game less boring and more unique.


If layering too many bracelets feels like it weighs you down or just isn't your cup of tea, direct your accessorizing to your digits. Stacking rings has become a huge trend as of late and has never been easier with giant retailers like H&M and ASOS carrying super cute and affordable stackable rings. There are no limits when it comes to stacking — you can wear two or three rings on one finger or wear single rings on each. Stack 'em up to your heart's content!

Images: RachelZoe/Instagram, SincerelyJules/Instagram, ChiaraFerragni/Instagram, VintageFunk/Instagram, evachen212/Instagram, SongofStyle/Instagram