'The Bachelor' Should Make These Cast Changes

by Alexandra Watt

Yeah, the holidays are great, but you know what special event I'm really looking forward to? The Bachelor Season 20 with Ben Higgins. Starting on Jan. 4 the limos will pull up to The Bachelor mansion with a whole host of new women vying for love and, for some, their five minutes of fame. But, what if fans don't want to wait another month to see who will be the stars of the season? (Sorry Ben, but it's always the contestants who are the most interesting part of the show.) When will the 2016 Bachelor contestants be announced? The wait can't be much longer now.

ABC habitually announces the line up of contestants around a month before the premiere date. For Season 16, Ben Flajnik's contestants were announced on Dec. 8. In Season 17, the roster of lucky ladies debuted on Dec. 5, then on Dec. 4 for Juan Pablo’s season, and again on Dec. 4 last year for Farmer Chris Soules' season. So, I'm going to take a guess and say that Ben's women will be revealed any day now.

Reality Steve thinks he already knows who’s in the group of contenders, but here's who I'm hoping is announced for Ben's season to change up the sometimes stale group of contestants of seasons-past.

Varied Professions

Though I gotta give it up for the creativity in use here, I sort of wanna see sweet software salesman Ben end up with someone who isn’t a "sportfishing enthusiast," "a dog lover," or simply "a free spirit." There have been plenty of career-driven women on the show in the past (Andi Dorfman was an attorney!), but it wouldn't hurt to broaden the sample size a bit.

Varied Makeup Levels

For every seven makeup enthusiasts, can we get someone not afraid to skip the hours-long routine? Represent every type of woman, Bachelor! Look, I know this is reality television and with that comes the presumption that you’ve gotta be on your most fleek, but how about representing some of the gals with their God-given eyelashes? When Britt was shown waking up at 4 a.m. with a full face of makeup on Chris Soules' season, it was a bit frustrating. All women have different relationships with makeup, and it’d be nice for those of who prefer a more natural look to see that represented on the show every once in a while.


There tends to be at least one minority in every Bachelor dating pool, but why not make it… more than one? The lack of diversity during each season is always a point of contention, and it's also pretty unrepresentative of real life-dating prospects.

Someone Who Will Love Ben

Watching Kaitlyn Bristowe choose Shawn Booth over Ben H. last season was a total heartbreaker. I only want the best for young Ben and his puppy dog eyes, so let’s hope for a group chock full of wonderful prospects for this cute dude!

Images: Craig Sjodin (2)/ABC; bachelorabc (2)/Tumblr; giphy