Let's Keep Alicia Keys On 'Empire' Forever, Please

Excuse the corny joke, but Alicia Keys was on fire on Empire . As if we needed more proof that Keys is a total rockstar, she goes and turns up on Empire like she should be running the dynasty herself. Move over, Lucious, I think Skye Summers needs a shot at the throne. Skye Summers' entrance on the show was anything but quiet, which might leave you wondering how many episodes Alicia Keys will star on Empire . And to that, I say, you're not alone. If it were up to me, Keys would be on all the Empires everywhere. But, we can't always have nice things, so for now, we should cherish the time we have with her on the series.

As I mentioned, Skye's entrance on Empire was amazing and confusing and interesting, all wrapped into one "Powerful" song and steamy moment with Jamal. The episode, which ended with a shared kiss between Jamal and Skye, left many on the edge of their seats wondering what was going to happen next. Luckily, Keys isn't going anywhere just yet. According to the press release for the winter finale episode "Et Tu, Brute," Keys will return as Skye Summers, and who knows what that means for Jamal. But for now, let's talk about why Skye Summers should hang around Empire a little bit longer.

We Need More Music

If you're like me, you've been playing "Powerful" on repeat since it came out. Keys and Jussie Smollett sound like perfection in this duet, and hopefully there's more where that came from. If not a duet with Jamal, I'm OK with some solo Skye songs.

We've Got To Get To The Bottom Of The Kiss

The kiss between Skye and Jamal left me with a bundle of feelings, emotions, and most importantly, questions that need to be answered. Was it done in a moment of passion? Are we going to learn more about Jamal because of this kiss? The kiss was too big of a moment to gloss over, so hopefully the show gives it the attention it deserves.

She Needs To Find Her Truth

Skye told Jamal that if she were to sing her whole truth, her fans would turn on her. While I think that the emotion behind "Powerful" hints at what her truth is — activism — it would be great to see her character work through that even more than just presenting it in a beautiful song.

Keys Has Put A Lot Of Effort Into The Role

In a behind-the-scenes video that Keys posted of "becoming Skye," it is obvious that she put a lot of time and heart into creating her character's motivations and emotions. The singer says that she hopes viewers get "lost" in Skye Summers, and I'm here to tell FOX and Alicia Keys herself that we'd love to get lost in Skye Summers, just make sure she stays around long enough for us to get lost in.

Images: Chuck Hodes/FOX; EmpireFoxTV/Tumblr (2)