Who's Leon Bridges? The 'SNL' Musical Guest Is A Rising Star

From Miley Cyrus to Adele to Demi Lovato, Saturday Night Live has had no shortage of high-profile musical guests this season. The Dec. 5 performer may not be a household name just yet (after all, he only released his first album in June), but something tells me that's about to change. Before Leon Bridges performs on Saturday Night Live, you should definitely listen to some of his amazing tunes and know a few facts about his backstory — because this musician is both impressive and inspiring.

Bridges' sound has been described by Rolling Stone as, "Usher as a vintage soul crooner in 1963, backed by Motown's Funk Brothers." He's frequently compared to Sam Cooke, but with a modern twist. Millions of people will see Bridges' Saturday Night Live performance — so it's hard to believe that just a year ago, his gigs consisted of open mic nights at local bars. Over the last several months, Bridges has appeared on Conan O'Brien and Jimmy Fallon — and many predict that he'll be on the list of Grammy nominees next week.

Here are five things to know about Leon Bridges before you tune in for his performance on Saturday Night Live:

1. His Most Popular Song Is "Coming Home"

LeonBridgesVEVO on YouTube

It's a safe bet that Bridges will perform "Coming Home" on Saturday Night Live. It's his first original single, and when the song released in February, it was a Top 10 Most Viral Track on Spotify. Not too shabby!

2. He Taught Himself How To Play Guitar

Listening to Bridges, I would have assumed that he's been a musician for years. But, he only learned to play guitar in 2012 and he's self-taught. While he was learning the guitar, he tried his hand at songwriting — and to say he's a natural would be an understatement.

3. He Performs In Vintage Clothing

Alli Harvey/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Bridges isn't just a fan of vintage music — he loves old school clothing as well, and it accompanies his music style perfectly. He recently told Fort Worth Magazine that his attire is an important aspect of his on-stage persona:

When people hear my music, I want them to identify with the past. I want them to think back to when they first heard the sound with their grandparents when they see me play. That’s why I wanted to make the way I dress consistent, so when they see me play, they are immediately brought back to that time, and it makes them feel good.

4. Emma Watson's A Huge Fan Of Bridges

Watson recently tweeted her enthusiasm about Bridges' album, and he was so thrilled that he shared the post on Instagram.

5. He Used His Earnings To Pay Off His Mom's Debts

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In an interview with the Boston Herald, Bridges discussed his overnight success — and the thing he's most proud of is paying off his mother's debts with the earnings. To say that fame hasn't gotten to Bridges head would be an understatement. He told the newspaper that, "I’m very appreciative of it, but I enjoy being around my true friends, the people who knew me when I wasn’t in lights. It’s a great journey, but I can never let that get to my head.”

I predict that Bridges' performance on Saturday Night Live is going to blow us all away — and he certainly has a bright future in the music industry.