'A Very Murray Christmas' Features New Miley Songs

A Very Murray Christmas is right around the corner, and Bill Murray is bringing a cavalcade of celebrities to the proceedings with him. Not least among them is the artist formerly known as Hannah Montana, whose singing chops will be featured in the Netflix special. Miley Cyrus' A Very Murray Christmas appearance was previewed in the trailer for the special, which featured her crooning her new cover of a classic Christmas carol with Murray. Her powerful vocals fit perfectly with the jazzy music featured in the song — but where can you get Miley Cyrus "Sleigh Ride" song for yourself?

Unfortunately, Netflix told Bustle there are no plans to release an official soundtrack for the movie. However, it'd be surprising if Cyrus' song never ended up getting a proper release — hundreds of thousands of people would likely throw her rendition of the Christmas classic onto their holiday playlists. Perhaps Cyrus herself will put the song on iTunes or Spotify. Christmas tunes are blowing up the radio right now, and for a star of Cyrus' caliber to release a new Christmas song would likely bring her many, many sales.

Until she hopefully decides to release her jazzy rendition of the Christmas classic, I've assembled a variety of covers of "Sleigh Ride" from other famous musicians to (yule)tide you over! But first, here's Cyrus' version from the film's trailer:

The Ronettes

Classic girl group The Ronettes recorded one of the most popular versions of "Sleigh Ride" for the 1963 album A Christmas Gift for You from Phil Spector. From the definitive "neighing" in the beginning to the "ring-a-ling-a-ling" backing vocals, the Ronettes made the song their own. Their version is so enduring that it is currently ranked at 21 on Billboard's Holiday 100.


If you prefer your Christmas songs without instruments, then you'll find a lot to enjoy in Pentatonix's rendition of "Sleigh Ride." This version has tongue-clicks and beat-boxing aplenty to support Pentatonix's famous a capella vocal stylings.

She & Him

For a classic version of the Christmas tune with a little quirk thrown in, check out She & Him's cover of "Sleigh Ride" from A Very She & Him Christmas. Although they're a very modern group, their sound harkens back to the music of the mid-'50s and can help liven up a traditional Christmas celebration.


Some people are going to try to get freaky on Christmas. Whether it's a long-distance relationship re-uniting or just two people who are trying to stay warm, there will be people who want something with a less "traditional" tone when reaching for Christmas music. If you're one of these folks, you're going to want to reach for TLC's version of "Sleigh Ride," which expands on the original song and makes you re-think the meaning of the song title.

Sufjan Stevens

While Sufjan Stevens spent a lot of this year causing Adele-level tears with his heartbreaking album Carrie & Lowell, Christmas is a time to celebrate Stevens' happier — and quirkier — side. Sufjan Stevens has released 10 volumes of Christmas music, compiled in the albums Songs for Christmas and Silver & Gold. These volumes all make up 100 Christmas songs, which adds up to almost five hours of Christmas tunes by one man. That's a lot of Christmas. His cover of "Sleigh Ride" is as eccentric as he is.

Spice Girls

The best part about this song is that it's performed by the Spice Girls. The second best part about this song is the intro and mid-song interlude, where the Spice Girls are talking about how much they love Christmas. "You can do whatever you want at Christmas, as long as it's good," say the Spice Girls. If this whole song was just them having a conversation about Christmas, it would still be one of the best Christmas songs ever recorded.


The band Fun. went on hiatus after their dynamite record Some Nights dominated radios everywhere. While the hiatus spawned the exceptional band Bleachers and Nate Ruess' solo career, it's just not the same without Fun. in the world. Luckily, Fun. has a rendition of "Sleigh Ride" that features everything great about the band, from Ruess' powerful vocal ability to the weird, unexpected directions the music goes in. Oh, Fun. All I want for Christmas is you to come back.

The Ying Yang Twins

You thought this was a joke, didn't you? Well you might not be wrong — It's never easy to tell what's a joke when it comes to The Ying Yang Twins. The fact still stands — The Ying Yang Twins added a beat to "Sleigh Ride" and rapped over it.

While none of these songs are quite like the quick snippet of Cyrus' jazzy version, spending time with these renditions of the holiday classic is better than nothing! And, fingers crossed she releases her unique version soon.

Image: Ali Goldstein/Netflix