Why Are Sean & Catherine On 'Marriage Boot Camp'?

Romances that start on The Bachelor don't normally last, but so far, everything's been all good for Sean and Catherine Lowe. After meeting on the show and getting married almost two years ago on live TV, they seem to be making their relationship work where the others have failed. And it's not just good for Bachelor Nation loyalists like me who stubbornly hope against hope that eventually, there will be more happy endings than breakups — it's good for them, too, because they've become a shining example of what the show is actually trying to accomplish. So when I heard Sean and Catherine are joining Marriage Boot Camp this season, I was a little concerned. Is there trouble in paradise? Has the other shoe finally dropped? Is The Bachelor curse actually real?

There's good news: The answer to all of those questions is no. From what the (fortunately happy) couple has said about their stint on the show, it's not because they need to repair their marriage, just that they want to strengthen it. After all, it's not just couples on the edge of divorce who need help with their marriages. It's hard work making a relationship last for the rest of your life, so I give them props for being willing to try something a little different.

Last month, Sean and Catherine talked to Peopleand revealed that the main reason they decided to go on the show was to work on the areas of their own personalities that they want to improve... and it definitely helped that they got a rave review from Trista and Ryan Sutter, a Bachelorettecouple who has also done Marriage Boot Camp in the past. For Sean, it was all about learning to decode Catherine's emotions and "become a better communicator," while Catherine wanted to work on her anger problems. And apparently, it sounds like what they learned on the show actually works.

"Sean and I have learned a lot about each other," Catherine told the mag. "It's much more steady now. We are just so balanced and happy and joyful."

It's good to hear it, because if Sean and Catherine ever divorce, I don't know what I'll do. After Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray's unexpected breakup, and then Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff calling it quits, that's about all the Bachelor-related heartbreak I can handle. Besides, it'll be nice to see Sean and Catherine on TV again. It's been way too long!