Who Votes For The Golden Globes? Meet The Deciders Of Your Favorite Awards

Millions of moviegoers are eagerly anticipating the announcement of the 2016 Golden Globe nominations, taking place next week. While the show itself isn't until January, awards season officially started in November — and these nomination announcements are the next big event of the season. But where exactly do the nominations come from? With so many award shows to keep tabs on, it's totally understandable if you're not sure who votes for the Golden Globes. You might have a mental image of Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg sitting around smoking cigars and chatting about the merits of Jennifer Lawrence versus Cate Blanchett, but that's not quite the case.

Actually, the nominations come from members of the nonprofit organization behind the awards show. This organization is the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, or the HFPA, and it's made up of about 90 international journalists based in Southern California. Interestingly, producing the Golden Globes is only one of the Association's projects. The HFPA website states that its members attend numerous screenings and hundreds of interviews throughout the year, with the end goal to "

disseminate information about movies and television to the world through their various publications throughout the world." Here's what else you should know about the organization behind the Golden Globes.

Becoming A Member Is No Easy Feat

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If you want the chance to vote for the Golden Globes, it's going to take a lot more effort than just moving to SoCal and updating your LinkedIn profile to list your position as "journalist." The HFPA accepts applications for membership only once year, and the application process makes college apps look like a breeze. HFPA hopefuls have to already have been accredited by the MPAA and must also submit a variety of supporting materials, including four full issues of the publication for which they are a correspondent. The publication itself must be of "recognized standing," and the applicant must have been formally appointed as a paid correspondent. Phew!

It's Over 70 Years Old

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The HFPA was originally founded in 1943 at the Hollywood Foreign Correspondents Association, and the first Golden Globes were held as a small luncheon ceremony in 1944. These days the awards show is obviously much bigger and more glamorous, but there's an important question to be asked: do the attendees still get a free lunch?

It Donates Millions To Charity

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Within the past few decades, the revenue from the Golden Globes has allowed the HFPA to donate over $21 million to various philanthropic causes. In addition to giving money to entertainment-related charities, the HFPA's grant program distributes funds to entertainment-related scholarships at educational institutions. Gotta love entertainment for a good cause.

So you unfortunately probably won't be able to join in the voting for the Golden Globes anytime soon (and if you are in fact a newly selected HFPA member, good for you), but take comfort knowing that the show is in good hands. You may not agree with all the decisions for nominees and winners, but the HFPA has done their homework. Check in next week to see their choices for each category of the Golden Globes.