7 Green Lipsticks To Wear During The Holidays Because Red Is So Obvious — PHOTOS

I have nothing against red lipstick, but sometimes, you just need to shake things up. If you're wanting to stun at holiday parties this season, reach for these green lipsticks for the holidays and prepare for some major compliments. There are more brands out there than you'd expect creating awesome shades of green for every skin tone, so you're bound to find one that works for you!

Oh, and don't just limit dramatic makeup looks to holiday parties. If your beauty routine has been feeling a little lackluster, a dose of color could be all you need to suddenly feel refreshed and reinvigorated.

I was always pretty wishy-washy about actually ever going for a dark green lip hue, but my friend Ariane who is a straight-up master of all things colorful convinced me to splurge on this one green lipstick from Manic Panic. I'll admit it wasn't love at first sight (mostly because I was too dang afraid to even swipe it on my lips), but once I got my confidence up, I learned to totally dig the color. It's the perfect unexpected pop of boldness when paired with simple shimmer eye shadow and a little black dress and I always reach for it if I'm going to be out clubbing in the trendy parts of Brooklyn.

Unsure of how to even go about applying a green lip? Watch this awesome tutorial from vlogger Cyndee Black.

Convinced green is the new red? Below are some Christmas-tree-colored lipstick hues I'm totally swooning for right now!

1. Green Envy

Green Ency, $12, Mani Panic

This deep green shade from Manic Panic doesn't grace my lips often, but I'm always happy I've put it on when I decide to!

2. Wicked Lippie

Wicked Lippie, $6, NYX Cosmetics

OK, I don't know who named this color, but I'm obsessed.

3. Sugarsnap

Sugarsnap, $8, Etsy

For a bright minty green kiss, look no further than this stunner.

4. Twisted Dark Green

Twister Dark Green Lipstick, $5, Etsy

This metallic was made for a night on the town.

5. Matte Emerald

Matte Emerald Green Lipstick, $9, Etsy

For a shade that's equal parts sophisticated and fun, this will be your new go-to.

6. Forest Dark Green

Forest Dark Green Lipstick, $3, Etsy

Is it just me, or does this color have a total whimsical fairy elf touch?

7. Jade Sparx

JadeSparx, $3, Etsy

If you're wanting to rock the green trend but not quite ready to swipe a super pigmented lipstick on, consider taking baby steps with this green sparkle-infused lipstick.

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Images: Cyndee Black/Youtube; Courtesy of Brands