6 Expert Tips On Dying Blue Hair From Celebrity Colorist Laura Estroff — EXCLUSIVE

Forget blonde and brunette — dying hair crazy cool colors is all the rage in Hollywood right now. Though we've seen just about every shade imaginable, one of the seemingly most popular colors is blue. However, stealing your favorite celebs' dye job and learning all the expert tips for dying your hair blue can definitely be complicated. While you might be familiar with highlights or single-process dark dye, knowing how to work with bright colors may not be in your comfort zone, and you definitely want to prevent any serious color mishaps. But no worries — I spoke with Laura Estroff, celebrity and head colorist at Kennaland Salon in Brooklyn, New York, for all the deets. You're going to want to take notes!

From Kylie Jenner, to Hilary Duff, and most recently Joe Jonas, it seems more and more celebs are jumping on the blue hair bandwagon. But before you run out to recreate the look yourself at home, you definitely want to make sure you know what you're doing. Since these guys have professionals altering their color, Bustle went straight to an expert and interviewed celebrity hair stylist Laura Estroff to get the deets on how to take your hair from basic to bright blue and beautiful. Here is everything you need to know.

1. Start From Blonde

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If you have dark hair, you can't necessarily just apply blue dye over it. "The key to achieving the perfect blue hue is to lift your hair to a clean blonde from the beginning," Estroff said.

2. Be Prepared For Maintenance

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"Blue hair dye can last anywhere from three to fifteen shampoos, depending on the products used, and the level of intensity," Estroff said. Since the color probably won't last too long, be prepared to keep up with regular maintenance.

3. Take Caution To Avoid Fading

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Just like highlights can turn brassy, blues can turn green. To avoid any discoloration, Estroff said, "The key to achieving the perfect blue hue is lift your hair to a clean white blonde and adjust your formula to compensate for any underlying pigments. Blue hair tends to fade quickly, so it is important to establish an at home regimen."

4. Visit The Salon First

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DIY'ing it yourself sounds enticing, but you might want to consider going to a professional the first time. "I would highly recommending seeing a salon professional, especially for the initial application," Estroff said. "Once the hair has been lifted, you can speak with your colorist as to how to maintain your blue hue at home, if regular visits to the salon don't fit within your budget. It is always important to discuss your expected level of maintenance and budget with your colorist so together you can come up with a plan that will work in the long run."

5. Use A Color Depositing Product

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Blue generally needs to be re-dyed every other week, but a color depositing product can help extend that time. "Using a color depositing conditioner, like EVO Fabuloso Pro, can help keep your hue longer, but you will have to refresh the underlying blond every 6-12 weeks," Estroff said.

6. Make Sure Color Is Applied Properly

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Don't try to dye your hair blue without doing research or consulting a professional, or it could damage your hair. "It is important to understand the process, and maintenance involved with any fashion color," Estroff said. "These colors fade quickly, require regular visits to the salon, and a significant level of at home care, and if not done properly, they can reek havoc on your hair."

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