17 Funny & Clever Tee-Shirts For Animal Lovers

by Rachel Krantz

Ever since I stopped eating animals, I've developed a curious new online shopping habit. I tell myself it's because I'm looking for the perfect image to accompany a story about veganism and vegetarianism, but that's just an excuse. I'm really just enjoying looking at the many funny and clever vegan & vegetarian tee-shirts you can find online.

In my many hardworking hours browsing Etsy, Pinterest, and even Zazzle, I've found some true gems among the sometimes-preachy vegan and vegetarian tees out there. I've also found awesome vegan fashion companies like Vaute Couture and Herbivore Clothing, who are making some really stylish designs that are not only clever, but also might help you provoke a conversation about eating animals.

And that's key here: as any animal rights activist knows, our fashion choices matter as much as what we eat — and in choosing not to wear wool, fur, or leather, many of us are already on the right track to putting our fashion where our beliefs are.

But why not take it a step further and wear your veganism or vegetarianism on a clever tee-shirt? It's an easy way to start a conversation with the potential vegetarians around you. Even better, all of these are either hand-printed by Etsy vendors or are made by ethically-sound companies.

1. Ferocious Vegan

VeganPolice, $20, Etsy

No one is going to be able to look at this without smiling. (And if they are able to, I wouldn't trust them.)

2. No Animals Were Harmed In The Making Of This Boy

No Animals are Harmed, $30, Vaute Couture

Get this Vaute tee for the hot vegan dude in your life. (Also, if this model is reading this, call me.)

3. Grass Fed

YouPlusLife/Etsy, (Currently sold out, but message her on Etsy to ask if she'll print more!)

You are, so might as well bring attention to the fact that we're all animals, right?

4. Yes, You Can Live Without Cheese

VeganeseTees/Etsy, $25

But how do you live without cheese?! This has got to be one of the more annoying questions we get, but it is a good conversation-starter for why we choose not to eat dairy.

5. Not Your Mom, Not Your Milk

HappyHeadTees/Etsy; $13.99

Open up a conversation about why eating dairy is unfair to all those baby cows and their moms.

6. What Kind Of A-hole Eats A Lamb?

Food Fight Grocery, $15

No, but really though.

7. Leave My Tits Alone

ThatVeganCow/Etsy, $31.04

Bridge the gap between feminism and carnism with this tee that is so funny and provocative that it might help people see the connection. Either way, you're sure to start a conversation about how horribly female cows are treated for dairy production.

8. This Is How Real Men Shoot Animals

Umbuh/Etsy, $25

Get this for the animal-loving photographer in your life.

9. I Just Want To Drink Coffee, Save Animals, And Take Naps

HelloHandPressed/Etsy, $18.95

Pretty much sums it up, don't you think?

10. No Happy Cows Tee

Herbivore Clothing, $20

OK, so this isn't exactly funny, but it is a mighty clever way to get people to think about the fact that humane meat still ends in murder. It reads, "This is the one they use on the happy cows; This is the one they use on the others."

11. Don't Ask Me About My Protein And I Won't Ask You About Your Cholesterol

VeganeseTees/Etsy; $25

But how do you get your protein?! Yeah, it's not a problem.

12. Vegetarian

ThinkOutloudApparel/Etsy; $15.99

Throw it back to the OG vegetarians and make the point that if it was good enough for them, it is certainly possible for us scrawny humans to live on a plant-based diet.

13. Vegan Because My Body Isn't A Graveyard


OK, so maybe this one isn't "funny ha-ha" — but it is awesome. It's actually based on a quote by George Bernard Shaw, who said, “I choose not to make a graveyard of my body for the rotting corpses of dead animals.” Word.

14. Humane Meat Is Yuppie Bullshit

Herbivore Clothing, $30

Now this one's just funny. But also true.

15. I'm Not A Nugget

HappyHeadTees/Etsy, $13.99

Cute and sad! A great combination for conversation.

16. I Went Vegan Before Miley

Vaute Couture, $47

The hispter joke tee for the vegan trendsetter.

17. A Little Veganism Never Hurt Anybody

Herbivore Clothing, $30

It's true, it makes you think, and it can also ward off the haters.