Olive From 'Pushing Daisies' Is Pure Holiday Cheer

I maintain the greatest gift Pushing Daisies gave the world was the gift of Olive Snook. Ned's peppy, musically talented Pie Hole sidekick was hilarious, upbeat, and quick with a quip. If the show had lasted longer, I am positive Olive would have imparted plenty of holiday wisdom through quotes and song. Unfortunately for the world at large, Pushing Daisies lasted just two seasons, and Olive only got to celebrate one Christmas on the show. If you are looking for Olive-based holiday advice, you are not limited to just the Christmas episode though. Olive's quotes are full of dual meanings, and there are plenty of her words of wisdom that could be applied to the holiday season.

From sage advice on how to cope with the December marathon of festivities to the perfect words to capture your enthusiasm for the season, Olive has all your bases covered. Thanks to her positive, but blatantly honest, approach to life, Olive is uniquely qualified to guide you through the ups and downs of the holiday season. While all of these quotes weren't originally said with holiday festivities in mind, I don't think Olive would mind one little bit about you repurposing them for all of your holiday needs.

1. "I'll Be In The Kitchen Rationalizing My Panic Attack."

For those days when you have to make travel arrangements, buy presents for people you weren't expecting to buy you presents, find the appropriate outfit to wear to your work party, and learn how to bake gingerbread cookies from scratch because, for some reason, you convinced yourself that was a thing you could do.

2. "I Spent So Much Time Praying, I've Run Out Of Things To Say. I'm Having Awkward Silences With God!"

There comes a time in every holiday season when you keep a running commentary in your head of every possible disaster, from failed exams to getting seated next to that one uncle who loves Donald Trump. Eventually, even you get tired of your brain, but there is no escaping the cycle of holiday-fueled worry.

3. "I Want A Hug!"

Sometimes, when you are staring at holiday light displays, sipping steaming cups of chocolate goodness, and feeling snow (real or fake) crunching under your feet, you realize the season is magical. At that moment you will want to hug all the people. Let this be your rallying cry.

4. "Boy, It's Cold. You Know, You Could Use A Witch's Bosom As A Hot Water Bottle On A Day Like Today."

Because no matter what holiday you celebrate, there is a weird desire to have festivities outside where frostbite is a real possibility. Alternatively, you can use this line to scare people away from any buffet table, which, in turns, leaves more tiny meatballs for you.

5. "Musing On The Idea Of Setting Someone On Fire Doesn't Mean You Really Want To Set Them On Fire. It's Just The Thought Of It That Makes You Happy."

This is you on day three of any holiday family get together that refuses to end.

6. "Why Can't Sugar Be Enough?"

For anyone who simply can't understand why material gifts need to be exchanged when cookies truly are the universal language of love.

7. "I Just Got All Tingly, And Not Just In The Nether Regions!"

Despite all of the stress, the endless obligations, and the untangling of lights, there is something magical about the holiday season. Every year, the feeling hits you out of nowhere — maybe when you see people being kind to each other just because or when you get a card from an old friend. Olive understands, and she is right there with you in spirit.

May your holidays be merry, bright, and full of Olive Snookisms.

Images: Warner Bros. Television; pushingdaisiesgifs (6); boftheriver/Tumblr